Summary of Playing the Fyxt RPG

Playing the Fyxt RPG Black Dragon BattleFreedom to play: that’s what the Fyxt Role Play Game System is all about! Those who are brand new to this kind of gaming won’t find an easier system out there to begin. Those who have experience with other RPGs will find a different, more expansive experience. The Fyxt RPG system is a very open, inviting, and flexible RPG system that will take your table top RPG to the next level.

Ultimately, the Fyxt RPG system is a mathematical system of balance. It is meant to be simple and quick to play but also allow players and GM’s alike to create whatever kind of RPG they can dream up. To do this, we provide you with a system to easily construct your own worlds. Now, this doesn’t mean we won’t be piling on the goodies at It means you don’t have to wait for us. You can easily create your own masterpiece RPG experience. Fyxt RPG is the tool you need to do that. Here’s why:

Player Character Traits

You will notice there are only 3 stats instead of 6 or 10 or more. We have pared down the mechanics to the very core of every player character.

  • Your character’s physical being: the Body Trait.
  • Your character’s mental self: the Mind Trait.
  • Your character’s presence: the Spirit Trait.

These three Traits will be the foundation of your characters in the Fyxt RPG system.

Player Character Archetype Concept

The Fyxt RPG is broken down into 3 distinct archetypes of characters. This is to allow you to find your focus and your drive as a character.

  • Combatant: a sword master, sniper, or any other weapon or martial expert.
  • Generalist: a rogue, a bard, or other type of character that uses their wits and guile instead of force to accomplish goals.
  • Mystic: a sorcerer, psionisist or other type of character that uses the mysterious unseen forces of the mind and magic.

Player Character Archetype Style

Fyxt RPG system characters will also make one more major choice as to the primary type of character they want to be.

  • Aggressor: a character who often goes on the offensive.
  • Protector: a character who defends themselves and others.
  • Neutral: a character whose focus lays outside of direct damage combat in Skills and in buffing allies or debuffing enemies.

There are a few more choices you will make as you build your character, but the most intriguing part of the Fyxt RPG will be your Powers.

Playing the Fyxt RPG using Powers

Powers in the Fyxt RPG system will allow your imagination to run wild. Instead of a spell book or a list of abilities, your character will have a certain amount of points to spend on Powers. You’ll use these Power Points to easily design all of your own custom Powers. It’s the best thing about the Fyxt RPG system. You will be able to make just about any Power you can think of: a great cleave with an axe, a mighty meteor storm, healing clouds, or the ability to choke your foes from a distance.

Your Fyxt RPG Powers can have any type of description you want, as long as they are approved by the GM. The actual mechanical effect of your power is strictly governed by the Power System. Instead of trying to find that perfect spell you’ve always wanted, just build it yourself in the Fyxt RPG! With the Fyxt RPG system you can create whatever Powers you want for your characters and NPCs. It is a truly powerful system which can only be fully understood through the imagination of Power creation and the excitement of using them during combat in Battle Time!

Playing the Fyxt RPG with Items

Playing the Fyxt RPG, it won’t matter whether you wield a dagger or a great sword. What matters is the Power you use when wielding it, because it’s the Power itself that does the damage and the effects. The weapons player characters use are mostly for descriptive role play flavor. This doesn’t mean that the weapon is useless and just for looks. Advanced Items will have properties to aid you, but the weapon itself does not dictate your damage. This allows every character in the Fyxt RPG system the freedom to express their character how they see fit. Not having to worry that your sorcerer can’t wear full plate or your slicer can’t use a Gatling gun opens the possibilities to all players to play the characters they have always wanted to play. When a player or a Game Master can make the characters they want, just the way they want, they will be far more invested and interested in the game and its outcome. The Fyxt RPG system will give your gaming group a better RPG experience than you have ever had before.

The Fyxt RPG Focuses on Fast Paced Fun

You will find the same idea throughout all of the Fyxt RPG. Anywhere we could streamline game play and provide balance, we did so. You will not be stronger using an axe versus a dagger. You will not gain an advantage by calling lightning down on someone rather than launching mortars at them. The fact is that those two things could have the exact same effects, mathematically speaking. The Fyxt RPG brings balance to the entire combat and mechanical play system.  No matter who, what, how, or why you play, all characters will be working off the same Power Points. This makes it so players no longer are so centered on gaming the system for character strength. Rather, their focus will shift to the actual character instead of their character sheet, making the game richer and with much more depth.

Simple mechanics doesn’t make for a simple-minded game. In fact, with the simplicity of the Fyxt RPG system you will actually have the ability to have a far more diverse and detailed experience than with any other RPG system.

There are options, lots of options! Players of the Fyxt RPG system have the ability to create incredibly powerful characters and Powers that will wreak havoc on their enemies. However, this will come at a cost of having fewer overall Powers. This may end conflicts a lot more quickly! However, the Fyxt RPG players that make many, less powerful Powers, may not have the nukes in their arsenal, but they will be able to sustain a battle for longer. They may have better survivability.

If for some reason you make Powers that don’t work, want to change them, or you have role play reasons for changing the direction of your character, you can do that. Every level you are able to reassign, upgrade, and change your Powers to best suit your character. You may also change your Trait Points or Skill Points and more. The Fyxt RPG system is designed to be fluid so your character can grow and change throughout their long career as an adventurer.

We want you to have fun with the Fyxt RPG system. We want the Fyxt RPG to be your RPG game of choice. We’ve found our Fyxt RPG games have become better, more enjoyable, more flexible, and more affordable now. You can’t beat that!

So keep in mind how flexible and open the Fyxt RPG is as you move into the system. If you can dream it, the Fyxt RPG can do it. This is RPG gaming 2.0!