How the Fyxt RPG Stands Out

How the Fyxt RPG Stands OutThe Fyxt RPG system is a d20 type of RPG system. It’s great for new players as well as those who have played role play games for many years. It’s perfect for those who want to try something different or who feel that they want to play a story that doesn’t seem to be out there, including their own story.

I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Dungeons & Dragons Skills and Powers, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Next), Pathfinder, Whitewolf, Rifts, GURPS, and a few others, and decided to build my own. The Fyxt RPG system is the result. Built and tested over the years, the Fyxt RPG system has made role play gaming simple and streamlined.

How does the Fyxt RPG stand out?

Choose your story, and the Fyxt RPG makes it come to life. Anything you can imagine as a gamemaster or player is possible. The key is that the game mechanics in Fyxt are separate from role play. This allows everyone to use their imaginations to the fullest. The Fyxt RPG system mechanics are used to determine success or failure during the game.

The Fyxt RPG is designed to be infinitely flexible, manageable, balanced, and more fun than any other RPG system. Its small ruleset is easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to run. It focuses on the fun pieces of role playing. It limits the frustrating  parts of tabletop RPGs such as micromanaging, rule checking, and time spent in turns. It allows more creativity, invention, ideas, and imagination.

How much does the Fyxt RPG system cost?

Fyxt RPG is a fun, fast, flexible free to play RPG! No books needed.
Play the Fyxt RPG for free! No more spending hard earned money on shelves of RPG books that will be out of date in a few short years.

The core Fyxt RPG rule set system as well as the online tools to support them are free to use.

One of the many things that makes the Fyxt RPG system different than the other RPGs is the price. The Fyxt RPG is a free, dynamic, web-enabled role play game. This means that there are no books to buy. The entire core Fyxt RPG ruleset is available for free. If you need a Fyxt RPG update, just log into your characters and they will automatically evolve with the Fyxt RPG system! However, you do have the option to enhance the content with a subscription. If you like the free Fyxt RPG content, you will love the expanded content that comes with a subscription.

What does the Fyxt RPG system fix?

Through the years of gaming, we have become frustrated with some of the hurdles RPG gamers face using the other RPG gaming systems. Here are just a few RPG challenges that the Fyxt RPG tackles head on:

  • New additions, updates, and add-ons constantly change the RPG system. Many times the entire RPG system is overhauled, forcing you to choose between an out-of-date game or repurchase all of your gaming materials. Experienced RPG groups may have spent thousands of dollars over the last few decades, trying to keep up with new additions that promise improvements but just haven’t delivered.
  • Playing different games, genres, and themes often had us changing gaming mechanic systems as well. If we wanted to play fantasy, we played the Dungeons & Dragons RPG. If we wanted to play a futuristic campaign we needed to use D & D Modern, Star Wars, Phoenix, or the Rifts RPG system. This caused huge headaches over rules, regulations, and RPG system clashes with the difficulty of keeping rules straight between RPG systems.
  • No matter which RPG system, there is always a certain amount of micro-managing. Micromanaging stifles innovation, freedom, and true creativity. Ideas are the heart and soul of a good RPG, but they tend to be squashed by the RPG systems that are supposed to encourage them.
  • There’s an imbalance of character power in every RPG we have tried. My group members are masters of finding that “perfect” combination to give them the maximum benefit. In time it seems all players end up playing the same character because it is the most powerful, and character concept is secondary at best.
  • Not being able to role play as we wish. Having to conform to a stack of books, classes, races, websites and other materials to follow the rules forces characters into directions the player didn’t really want. Players had to play the characters the RPG wanted them to play.
  • Rule discussions can put a real damper on good role playing. There always seemed to be one more thing, in one more book, on one more developer post, that changed the general RPG playbook we all had at the table. If you hadn’t read it, you were behind.

These are a few of the major problems the Fyxt RPG system fixes. Once we developed a system that worked and made role play gaming easy, we wanted to share our finished product with others. So here is the Fyxt RPG! We hope you’ll enjoy playing Fyxt RPG as much as we do. The Fyxt RPG is RPG gaming 2.0!

Ready to play? Sign up for the Fyxt RPG free to get started!

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