Why Play the Fyxt RPG?

Why Gamers Should Play The Fyxt RPGThe Fyxt Role Play Game System is a universal d20 style RPG that allows gamers to play any kind of RPG game they desire. Couple this with the “all online” digital approach you have a tabletop or remote play RPG for the 21st century.

The Fyxt RPG is a roleplay game system that can be used to play any genre or any setting that the players desire. The core of the Fyxt RPG is a mathematically balanced and digitally optimized RPG system. It allows players (PCs) and Game Masters (GMs) to use the streamlined mechanics of the Fyxt RPG to play a fast, fun, and fair RPG. Game Masters and players alike are encouraged to use their favorite settings or their own imaginations for their own game. It’s easy to play the Fyxt RPG with the setting of a distant past, far future, or a completely different universe.  When playing the Fyxt RPG, players can use anything from swords and magic to modern day weapons of war to fantastical future technology. Players can mix and match whatever they wish from their favorite movies and books, as well as other RPGs. The Fyxt RPG gives players the freedom to play a game to the very limits of their imagination.

The Fyxt RPG is Designed for our Digital Age

Keeping up with technology is a vital goal with the Fyxt RPG. Today gamers almost always have access to the the internet. This gives them the ability to access all of the rules and tools on FyxtRPG.com. The only thing Fyxt RPG players need to play a single internet enabled device. Even though it is designed with the convenience of today’s technology in mind it is primarily meant to be played in a tabletop, in person, setting.  Tabletop RPG gaming is by far the most fun using dice, battle boards, and miniatures with your friends. However, the Fyxt RPG works just as well in concert with online tabletops and video chat. Either way you decide to play the Fyxt RPG gives all it’s players the advantages of our high speed digital world.

The Fyxt RPG Divides Gameplay Into Two Distinct Pieces

1.) Roleplaying Lore and Story

In the Fyxt RPG a player’s imagination is allowed to run wild. Players and Gamemasters alike are able to tell their story, descriptions, and explanations however they want to. These descriptions don’t have direct influence in the rules and fairness of the game. They allow the players to fully appreciate, experiment with, and develop their stories and characters.

2.) Fun, Fast, and Fair System Mechanics

The game rules and mechanics are simply a set of numbers that are then applied to whatever is described. This makes a very fair and balanced game because all characters are mathematically balanced in their abilities. From a Game Master perspective it makes it very easy to run a game because there is no debate on a description of an effect, there is just the numerical value of it. All of the math is done in the background by the server then displayed on the Character Sheet. There is no need for players or GMs to calculate complicated game mechanics.

Great Gameplay Comes from Dividing RP and Rules

  • Fun gameplay due to players and GMs playing exactly what they want to.
  • Easy with the online tools for players and GMs to create anything they want.
  • Fair games because all players use same ability systemes.
  • Fast paced gameplay due to optimized and centralized rules.
  • Players have a blast playing characters exactly how they want to without worry of being underpowered.
  • Game Masters can quickly prepare games to match their precise vision of the quests and adventures they want to run.

Benefits of Playing the Fyxt RPG

  • The Fyxt RPG system is free. Just sign up for a free account at fyxtrpg.com for the complete standard system.
  • Use Fyxt RPG for all of your games, regardless of genre or style.
  • The Fyxt RPG is balanced and fair for all players. The math is behind the scenes and makes the Fyxt RPG  fair for every player no matter what character they play.
  • The Fyxt RPG is focused on character and story development. Players and GMs can create what they want  to play. There’s no need to compromise a character concept in order to achieve balance within the group.
  • Fyxt RPG is a digital data-driven system using modern technology.

Imagine the endless possibilities the Fyxt RPG system can bring to your group’s RPG sessions! Continue on into FyxtRPG.com to get the specifics of playing the next generation of RPGs. If you have specific questions visit the Fyxt RPG Forum or our FAQ.