Fyxt RPG Character Focus: Devoted

Fyxt RPG Character Focus: DevotedIn the Fyxt Role Play Game System, a Devoted character is driven to excel in a very narrow field. The devoted character has one focus and it is more powerful than characters of other focuses. Devoted characters are good at one thing at the expense of opening themselves up to major vulnerabilities.

Fyxt RPG characters with a Devoted Focus are often Combatants, although a Devoted character can be of any Archetype.

Devoted Characters are Specific

Devoted characters spread their abilities across only two Disciplines. A Devoted character’s Primary Discipline is more powerful than any other because they are wholly focused on it. This power comes at a price: the character’s Secondary Discipline is weak and they don’t even have access to a Tertiary Discipline.

Devoted characters can have many reasons to choose to be Devoted, but usually it comes from a desire to be the best at one thing. Devoted characters usually have fewer Powers and are not very good at handling anything outside of their chosen path.

Devoted Power Points

Devoted characters in Fyxt have the most Power Points in their Primary Power Pool than any other Character Focus. However, their Secondary Power Pool is the same as a Focused Character, which is low. Devoted characters do not have any Tertiary Powers.

Devoted characters end up having a few very strong Powers along with a couple smaller Powers they can use as “backups”.  These characters are usually very good at their chosen path; however, they are not good at handling anything that is not within their chosen path.

Choose a Character Focus of Devoted if you want your character to have very strong Powers at the expense of more varied Powers.

Examples of Devoted Characters

Devoted characters are good at one thing…they are not so good at handling a variety of situations. Here are a few examples:

Weapon Master

This Weapon Master is a fighter, driven by the desire to master melee combat. Nothing else is of any concern.

  • Primary Discipline – Offensive Combatant (To harm and destroy foes)
  • Secondary Discipline – Offensive Combatant (To hurt whatever is left)
  • Tertiary Discipline – None

Priest of Life

This Priest of Life’s one and only goal in life is to heal the sick and injured, refusing even to harm others when they are trying to harm the priest.

  • Primary Discipline – Defensive Mystic (To Heal and Cure those in need)
  • Secondary Discipline – Defensive Generalist (To help allies with things Mystic doesn’t offer)
  • Tertiary Discipline – None

Tech Hacker

This Tech Hacker’s life long ambition is to become the most famous hacker in all of the galaxy by being the only one to ever crack the Galactic Bank. This hacker is completely consumed by this one ambition.

  • Primary Discipline – Defensive Generalist (Personal buffs to sneak into and break into things)
  • Secondary Discipline – Defensive Generalist (A few more powers of deception and trickery)
  • Tertiary Discipline – None
These are just a few examples of Devoted Characters, but there are many more combinations that can be used.
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