Example Discipline Sets

Example Discipline Sets for the Fyxt RPG

In many roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, characters have spells, class abilities, racial traits, etc. These things that make a character unique are all wrapped up nice and neatly in the Fyxt RPG as Disciplines.

Fyxt RPG characters will have 2 or 3 Disciplines depending on their character choices. These Disciplines are what determines what a character can do during a Fyxt RPG game. The Disciplines chosen and how Powers within those Disciplines are built,  will determine the things a character can do.

Here are a few examples to illustrate some standard characters from other RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons. Players can easily create anything they can think of in the Fyxt RPG. New players can use these example character sets as templates to start their own new characters. They are set up like this:

Kind of Character

A [Archetype] who is [Style] that is [Focus]. One sentence to describe the character.

  1. Primary Discipline [Aggression] [Archetype] – Description
  2. Secondary Discipline[Aggression] [Archetype] – Description
  3. Tertiary Discipline [Aggression] [Archetype] – Description


A Combatant who is Neutral that is Balanced. Adept at many things including stealth, battle, and even healing.

  1. Offensive Combatant – Hold their own in combat.
  2. Defensive Generalist – Many Powers of healing and aiding themselves depending on the situation.
  3. Offensive Mystic – Magic use and misdirection to hinder and hurt enemies.


A Combatant who is an Aggressor that is Devoted. Their goal is inflicting maximum damage as quickly as possible.

  1. Offensive Combatant – Attacks that do damage, hurt defenses, and penalize attacks.
  2. Offensive Combatant – More damage!
  3. NA


A Generalist who is a Protector that is Balanced. They help the group in many different ways with Buffs, Heals and Skills.

  1. Defensive Mystic – Buff group at a distance for speed, movement and accuracy.
  2. Defensive Generalist – Buff self and specialty buffs for combatants.
  3. Defensive Mystic – Heal spells, trait boosts, and cures.


A Mystic who is a Protector that is Focused. They heal party members and smites enemies using divine wrath.

  1. Defensive Mystic – Long range heals and cures.
  2. Offensive Mystic – Long range offensive spells.
  3. Defensive Generalist – Some self buffs for battlefield mobility.


A Mystic who is a Protector that is Balanced. They want access to both damage and healing.

  1. Defensive Mystic – Plenty of buffs and heals.
  2. Offensive Mystic -Offensive spells.
  3. Offensive Combatant – When the fighting gets close, they can hold their own.


A Combatant who is an Aggressor that is Focused. They are built to handle a variety of different combat situations.

  1. Offensive Combatant – Good with  weapons of all kind.
  2. Defensive Combatant – Strengthen defenses and ability to take damage.
  3. Offensive Combatant – A few  attack Powers to access enemies that would otherwise be out of reach.


A Combatant who is an Aggressor that is Devoted. They are a dual-wielding trick-shot “wild west” cowboy.

  1. Offensive Combatant – Eliminate enemies before they have a chance to draw.
  2. Defensive Generalist – Quick, with heightened senses and skill to stay alive.
  3. NA – Devoted to the guns!

Jedi Knight

A Combatant who is a Protector that is Focused. Heal and protects others, but can be vicious when pushed into combat.

  1. Defensive Mystic – Powerful defenses for self and allies are paramount.
  2. Offensive Combatant – When forced to fight, this warrior has deadly martial ability.
  3. Defensive Generalist – Must have a few tricks up one’s sleeve to avoid those Imperial Troopers when they get close.

Marine Sniper

A Combatant who is an Aggressor that is Balanced. They have long range Powers that are deadly. Stealth, evasion, and misdirection also very important.

  1. Defensive Generalist – When non-detection is key, you must have the highly tuned skills of a Generalist.
  2. Offensive Combatant – Eliminating a single target with a powerful attack.
  3. Defensive Divine Mystic – Snipers may end up in solitary situations, even when playing in a group. You have to be able to take care of yourself with heals and buffs.


A Combatant who is a Protector that is Devoted. They are fighting in the name of a chosen god or gods.  Everything else is just unimportant.

  1. Offensive Combatant – Many attack powers to tear enemies apart with weapons.
  2. Defensive Mystic – Buffs and healing themselves in combat.
  3. NA


A Generalist who is Neutral that is Balanced. This character is is equal parts skills, defense, and offense.

  1. Defensive Generalist – Buffs and other powers to aid in stealth and skills.
  2. Offensive Combatant – When hand to hand fighting is unavoidable.
  3. Offensive Mystic – Useful when particularly powerful enemies need to be weakened before they are engaged.


A Mystic who is Aggressor that is Balanced. Armed with both long range and short range spells to lay waste to a battlefield.

  1. Offensive Mystic – Some area of effect and single target damaging and crippling spells.
  2. Offensive Mystic – Close range spells for the poor soul that thinks this wizard is weak in  range.
  3. Defensive Mystic – A few buffs to strengthen the wizard before they rain destruction.

These are just a few examples of how a player can mix and match Disciplines. There are a huge amount of possibilities of what a player can do with a character. The Fyxt Role Play Game System will allow players to make any kind of character they want with the Disciplines and Powers that work for the character.

There are few restrictions to how a player can mix and match their Disciplines. The one restriction that a player should keep in mind is that the character’s Primary Discipline Archetype has to be what the main Archetype of the character is. It will ultimately come down to the type and flavor of the Powers a player will design in these Disciplines.

This should be the final step in conceptualizing and building a Fyxt RPG character.  The Fyxt RPG system is streamlined, almost infinitely customizable, and more fun than any other RPG out there. This is RPG gaming 2.0. The Fyxt RPG will improve your gaming experience with a fun, fast, and flexible RPG system. Play the Fyxt RPG for free and revolutionize role play gaming!