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What is Character Tier?

Character Tier represents a broad group that all character fit into. This group represents a tier of general strength of a character to other characters. Character Tiers represent a general strength of a character. Where as Character Levels represent the specific strength of a character. Character Tiers are also in many […]

Can forced movement cause damage?

No. Forcing another character into an obstacle does not cause damage. The Move would stop where the obstacle is. However, an Advanced Fyxt Power can have both a Move and Damage component. Keep in mind that a character can only Move by means of its normal Movement type. A character […]

What is a Disposable Item?

A Fyxt RPG Disposable Item is an item that the character will consume, or otherwise use to achieve a temporary effect. These are often potions, herbs, or other things a character will actually ingest to gain some benefit. Disposable Items can also be things like a grenade which is meant to affect […]

Android OS Menu’s Usage

Compared to iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android does things differently. The first tap immediately follows the link, even on menu items with dropdowns. To open a dropdown, it requires a swipe that starts on the menu item and ends off of it. This is best approximated by a downward swipe.