Things Mr Welch Cannot Say During an RPG

1001. No matter how bad the game is going, I won’t stradle the table like Slim Pickens riding a bomb.
1002. Foam Finger of Death is not a real spell.
1003. I cannot start with an armor class higher than my actual age.
1004. Not permitted to die from essence loss during character creation.
1005. Even if I bought the book at Walmart, I don’t get a discount on advantages.
1006. If I take the Poison Immunity advantage, that doesn’t include Radiation.
1007. That whole Expedition to the Barrier Peaks? Dream Sequence.
1008. Texans do not get revolvers as a racial weapon proficiency.
1009. No matter how many points I put into the skill, can’t use sword swallowing to parry.
1010. Stone Giants don’t have heat sinks.
1011. Even if we are facing Yuan Ti, my battlecry cannot be “COBRA!”
1012. Note to self: Lightsaberchucks…BAD IDEA
1013. The expressive dance skill is not a substitute for language skills.
1014. I will stop blaming every massacre we come across on Decepticons.
1015. Despite what the rules say, berserking does not improve my aim.
1016. Even if spells are use them or lose them, I will not waste Meteor Swarms on a goblin.
1017. I will not lay siege to Cinderella’s Castle.
1018. Elves do not get Viking Funerals.
1019. Even if we have more ammo than fuel, I still have to cut down the tree with the chainsaw, not the HMG.
1020. If we have to add a new PC mid-campaign, he doesn’t have to pass a drug test first.
1021. Can’t use the Jedi Mind Trick to convince the stormtroopers the Droids over there are the Droids they are looking for.
1022. Can’t start the game with 24 hours to live.
1023. The bluff skill is no substitute for actually knowing the spell.
1024. Slings make poor thongs. And vice versa.
1025. If I have two cyberarms, they have to be on different sides.
1026. My character cannot gain a level through nepotism.
1027. I will not use the d20 system to test the validity of any Kennedy Assassination theory.
1028. My character has mastery level in singing. I do not.
1029. I will not convert to Eilistraee just so I can watch naked drow chicks getting their groove on.
1030. No matter how much he pisses me off, I will not raise the barbarian’s dead mother-in-law.
1031. Just because my superhero game has 18 stats and yours only has 3, doesn’t mean mine is 6x better.
1032. Monofilament does not automatically make the world a better place.
1033. Holding the hand crossbow sideways ‘gangsta style’ does not add to my intimidate check.
1034. Even if I wait for the ninja to jump at me, I can’t crucify him with a repeating crossbow in a single round.
1035. If at any point in his lifespan my character can clear out every single Cave of Chaos in one single round, he’s vetoed.
1036. My druid can’t summon or change into a skunk. No seriously, it’s not allowed in the rulebook.
1037. Kangaroos are poor substitutes for taun-tauns.
1038. There is no such thing as a Viking Assisted Suicide.
1039. Jury Summoning I is not a real spell.
1040. I can not name my character anything that was suggested by Tom Servo.
1041. Doesn’t matter if I’m just using to spot weld, force lightning still gets me a dark side point.
1042. Erasing the compass on the map and redrawing it in reverse does not mean the villain will start building his evil railroad backwards.
1043. Ninjas do not have a hive mind.
1044. No matter how much ammo I start with, I can’t impact the total world supply.
1045. We will not gut every animal we kill to see if they have treasure inside like in video games.
1046. We can’t stabilize the dying villain before we make our escape just in case he was a load bearing villain.
1047. If my troll is the smartest character in the party, the entire party is vetoed.
1048. I will not attempt to overdose on Rogaine so I can disguise myself as a wookie.
1049. I can’t summon anything in MM4 just so I can take a bathroom break while the DM looks it up.
1050. If the weapon has the 3-handed trait, I don’t get a sidekick just for the extra hand.
1051. As a matter of fact, the high and tight buzz cut doesn’t exist in Exalted.
1052. I’m not automatically eliminated from the crappy module if I guess the wrong murderer like in Clue. So I should stop making random accusations.
1053. I was not raised by a pack of feral Ironclads.
1054. I will call the elf druid by his real impossibly long elf name, and not just Llanowar Leafblower.
1055. I will also not simply refer to the elf druid as that dirty, dirty hippie.
1056. There is no such thing as a Dwarven Battle Perm.
1057. Canadian is not a real language.
1058. When I get to the custom weapons creation section, I will keep turning those pages.
1059. Even if the villain is Lawful Evil, slapping a cease and desist order on him isn’t going to work.
1060. I will go into the villain’s lair and take him out the old fashioned way. Not just wait outside his favorite bar with a rifle.
1061. In the middle of a Black Ops I do not have time to put a banana in the exhaust port of their AV-9.
1062. Even if I think of something the Demi-lich isn’t immune to, he’s immune to it.
1063. Even if my character sheet says otherwise, I can’t max out the party with Delta class Cyberware immediately after character generation.
1064. Even if I can prove at least a half dozen practical uses for it, I can’t have a slip and slide for the dungeon crawl.
1065. Even if we are playing in the New Republic era, I can’t call dibs on Boba Fett’s armor.
1066. If the GM’s wife is in the party, I’m not allowed to hunt anything cute.
1067. I do not get to put remote detonation switches into the weapons of any PC’s I build them for.
1068. I cannot have a handgun that starts out doing more damage than most people have wounds.
1069. I do not have to check before each adventure that my fellow adventurers are not doppelgangers, Cylons or pod people.
1070. Even if we are Womprat hunting, we don’t have to dye the wookie fluorescent orange.
1071. I will go take out the villain’s dungeon the old fashioned way, and not use magic to reroute a river into it instead.
1072. After rerouting a river through the villain’s lair, I will not pan for gold wherever the river comes out.
1073. Just because the game left the rules for stun setting grossly unbalanced doesn’t mean I have to take advantage of it.
1074. Despite the name, I can’t actually wear a cloaker. But I will fail to notice the cloak weighs over a quarter ton.
1075. Metal detectors don’t automatically find Cylons.
1076. When told to dress like a Goth I will make sure with no uncertainty whether they mean black clothes and eyeliner or chainmail and shield.
1077. There is no such thing as a weresaxophonist.
1078. If 48 straight hours of pistol whipping doesn’t convince the terrorist to spill his guts, another 48 hours probably won’t either.
1079. A tattoo gun is not standard equipment in a mapping kit.
1080. The Cryokinetic is forever banned from water balloon fights.
1081. Even if the rules allow it, my sumo wrestler can’t take super human attractiveness.
1082. There is no such thing as a brothel crawl.
1083. My IRSAn will not use his powers to help fill out wikipedia articles.
1084. My sumo wrestler can’t have lap band surgery without affecting his martial arts skills.
1085. “Everybody Wang Chung tonight” is not an acceptable use of the Mass Suggestion spell.
1086. Tornadoes don’t have hit points.
1087. Even if I take twice as long, that doesn’t mean I can take 40.
1088. I cannot try and throw large blunt objects at malkavians, kobolds or kender. Or their players.
1089. Even if the game is a crappy rip-off of World of Warcraft, my character can’t speak in Leet.
1090. Even if I roll a natural 20, I can’t jump the grand cannon on a stock steam roller.
1091. In the middle of a Black Ops, if a character dies I will not disavow knowledge of him until after the mission is over.
1092. If the battle goes for 20 rounds, we don’t have to stop and wait for the zamboni guy to clean up the battlefield.
1093. I will not tell the rookies they can roll down their Y-Wing’s windows.
1094. My wizard does not need to shout out the name of what he’s summoning every time he picks a creature.
1095. Anything short of adamantine full plate is not considered light armor for dwarves.
1096. In the middle of a Black Ops I can’t start a major Corpwar just because I’m bored stiff with the current run.
1097. Even if he used INT as a dump stat, I don’t have to carve ‘this end towards enemy’ on the barbarian’s axe blade.
1098. If I’m in an assault mech, bump drafting is discouraged.
1099. After a successful Black Ops, before I’m paid I will not immediately adopt a dozen children for the tax breaks.
1100. I cannot wish that someone else was an Oscar Meyer weiner.
1101. I will not cut the vault guards in on the haul instead of fighting them.
1102. 1980’s break dancing moves have their place. In front of the Vodacce prince is not one of them.
1103. Just because I was paid in advance doesn’t mean I can let the incompetent expedition leader die.
1104. There is a limit to how much innuendo I can fit into one combat round.
1105. Even if it is just my character speaking, I will not claim Texas was stolen from Mexico. I will live longer that way.
1106. I cannot put Nodens on speed dial.
1107. I will not attempt to clear out the dungeon using only Bangalore torpedoes.
1108. Picking his pocket means more than just turning him upside down and shaking him vigorously.
1109. I will not do anything that Bilbo Baggins hates.
1110. Even if I have enough, putting silencers on my minigun doesn’t work.
1111. There is no such thing as a Magic Murder Bag of Holding.
1112. I will stop referring to the Eladrin as just the Elf Mk II.
1113. I will not shoot vampires in the chest with a large pistol just so they have to explain the embarrassing sucking chest wound.
1114. I will not take a phobia of anything that doesn’t exist in the game world.
1115. If I have an ability that lets me alter minor aspects of my appearance, that doesn’t include girth.
1116. Add Bulldozers to the list of things vampires are allergic to.
1117. Can’t strangle a werewolf with a roll of Kodak film, no matter what we all know it’s made out of.
1118. In the middle of a black ops I will not use up all the claymores just because I don’t want to take them back with me.
1119. I cannot have my mercy surgically removed.
1120. Even if I’m in charge I can’t order the Assault Lance to perform West Side Story dance routines.
1121. If given a Holy Avenger sword, I can’t melt it down and reforge it into a weapon my paladin actually uses.
1122. Even if it still give a combat bonus to everybody else, I can’t just stand there and read a comic book behind the villain.
1123. In the middle of a black ops I can’t call my girlfriend to remind her to pick up some Chinese on her way home.
1124. I will leave out mating rituals when presenting a cultural exchange with diplomatic ambassadors.
1125. Letting the Red Shirt guard the plane is really frowned upon as it doesn’t leave anybody to sacrifice to the Shoggoths.
1126. Cannot start the campaign on fire.
1127. Will not start all my skills at 89% just so I get massive SAN boosts early.
1128. I cannot RickRoll people with any video that increases their Mythos Lore.
1129. I will refrain from casting Dimension Jump and Magnificent Mansion on every police box we pass.
1130. I cannot wish we were playing the previous edition of the game.
1131. Summoning a Water Elemental right above the Fire Elemental doesn’t work.
1132. There will be no more debating how much XP Mr. Tumnus would be worth.
1133. I cannot be the Bizarro version of another player.
1134. Nowhere in my barbarian’s description will I include the word “Jaunty”
1135. My Eshu does not get bonus frequent flyer miles automatically during character generation.
1136. Doesn’t matter how big we make it, a pit trap isn’t going to take out the Tarrasque.
1137. I have to go into the dungeon, not just send in dozens of summoned creatures every morning.
1138. Fireballs don’t have a non-lethal option. I will ponder this after I’ve cast one at that guy we needed alive.
1139. My weapon is a 3 Flaming Flail. Not my Great Balls of Fire.
1140. I will not use a portable hole to cheat at golf.
1141. In the middle of a Black Ops I will not look at the target’s HR files to see if they have better benefits.
1142. I will not use the mage’s Staff of Wizardry in lieu of a pool cue.
1143. Torching the forest doesn’t get me any XP for anything inside the forest.
1144. I cannot have any gun that lets me kill the villain without being in at least an adjacent county.
1145. A 2nd level commoner is not twice as common as a 1st level commoner.
1146. If we don’t have a thief, I can’t call AAA to slim jim the dungeon entry door.
1147. I will lick the Rodian’s antennae and stick him to the wall while he sleeps.
1148. No matter how long his speech is, my sniper will not shoot the speaker introducing the target.
1149. During the psi-jump my neutral can’t do mean things to the psions while they are tripping.
1150. I will not try to feed the Qin extremely salty food to see if he melts.
1151. Our mission is to rescue the princess. Not to bring Sexy back.
1152. Even if given detailed instructions on pages 50-51, can’t take Cloud City on a joy ride.
1153. I can’t wish to change my vote on what module we’re playing.
1154. Bass line is not an acceptable perform skill specialty.
1155. Thri-kreen do not have the flaw Obsession: Pretty lights
1156. The party leader is not the one that looks best in a chainmail bikini.
1157. I can’t ‘make it rain’ before the invention of paper currency.
1158. If I make a cowboy with the young ‘un flaw I can’t name him Sioux.
1159. If I don’t have any points in medtech, I can’t try faith healing.
1160. We will not end every adventure with a public service announcement.
1161. If my character requires the GM to memorize the rules for siege warfare, he’s vetoed.
1162. We can’t trade the ranger for a giant, pirate or padre.
1163. I am forbidden from using more than ten sourcebooks to make one character.
1164. I will wait for the GM to finish his incredibly complicated riddle before answering correctly.
1165. I can’t wish for somebody to publish the rules for gnomes or bards.
1166. The time machine is not for collecting autographs.
1167. I can stop rolling at 7x dead.
1168. I am forbidden from doing anything that makes a passerby flinch.
1169. If even the rules allow it, I can’t have my uneducated peasant start with every known language.
1170. If the rules contradict Isaac Newton, Newton wins.
1171. I will not send the villain a fake message his mother is coming then attack him while he’s cleaning.
1172. My brooding costumed vigilante can’t take the flaw Dark Secret: Well Adjusted to Society.
1173. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Dick Clark is not Shemsu-Heru.
1174. Even if I spend the points, I can’t take the U.S.S. Montana as an ally.
1175. My knight will not buy a Shetland pony just so he can use his lance underground.
1176. I will remember the spiked chain cheesemonster is allergic to the improved sunder feat.
1177. I will stop asking NPC’s how much XP they are worth.
1178. The seduction skill does not have a to hit on roll.
1179. No matter how well I make my bluff check, the Star Destroyer crew isn’t going to believe I’m the new captain.
1180. Dressing up the wizard as the monk still won’t stop monsters from appearing beside him and attacking him first.
1181. When asked what game we want to LARP, Frogger is not an option.
1182. Chewing hoagga leaves does not make me a goddammed sexual rhinodon.
1183. No it won’t help if we put a silencer on the bazooka.
1184. When approached by a famous historical figure, I can assume he’s a time traveler and not a zombie.
1185. Paladins do too urinate.
1186. In the middle of a black ops my buttocks is forbidden from making contact with the target’s copy machine.
1187. It’s okay to feed the Ewok after midnight.
1188. Flash Bangs are not to be handed out to trick or treaters.
1189. A stagehand does not get a better sneak bonus than ninjas.
1190. I will not Conga Line the Pattern.
1191. Super powers that are only useful to art majors are vetoed.
1192. My last wish cannot be for a cage match between Cthulhu, Godzilla, Galactus and the Tarrasque.
1193. I will avoid making wishes that locks the game in an infinite time loop.
1194. I will not go to FTL just to avoid the red lights.
1195. I will not min/max the appraise skill just to clean up on The Price is Right.
1196. Even if we cleared it out, we can’t turn White Plume Mountain into a theme park.
1197. Even if the rules allow it, I can’t put a spinal mounted weapon on a bicycle.
1198. I cannot have a destroid that requires me to take the ally advantage two dozen times just to crew it.
1199. Stan Lee does not have to make a cameo appearance in every single adventure.
1200. Even if I make it out of one continuous design, a dracheneisen castle doesn’t count as one object.
1201. ‘Just blow them out the airlock’ is not a backup First Contact Protocol.
1202. Even if it’s totally feasible, I can’t indefinitely stall our rivals with a bureaucracy check.
1203. My panzerhand doesn’t get a vote.
1204. Smartass is not a character role.
1205. I can’t have any feat in the main book if the feat is written in pencil.
1206. In the middle of a Black Ops I can’t download several thousands songs on the target’s computer and then call the RIAA.
1207. There is no such thing as ‘ambiguously elven’
1208. Even if he is Chaotic Evil, I can’t turn state’s evidence against a fellow party member.
1209. Even if the boss monster has 100% magic resistance, my wizard can’t go catch a movie.
1210. I will keep rolling until I get a superpower I can actually use.
1211. I cannot have any gun that has an NPC Only Trigger Guard.
1212. Even if they’d never suspect it, my Jedi can’t have a flamethrower.
1213. No, we can’t see if the party can beat Temple of Elemental Evil in under an hour.
1214. I will stop trying to put the Halfling in a diabetic coma.
1215. If I’m just a few XP from 16th level, I can’t just cast fireballs at random forests until I hit something.
1216. I can’t have a gun that treats buildings as light cover.
1217. No matter what the dice just said, I didn’t kill the villain with the first shot of the combat.
1218. Elves do not have to go to the bathroom in groups.
1219. Penguins will not fit in the standard ether jar.
1220. The Vulcan neck pinch doesn’t work in campaigns without Vulcans.
1221. Just because my sword is intelligent doesn’t mean he can do my math homework for me.
1222. It’s a strangehold. Not an Ogryn neck pinch.
1223. Ussuran women are not instantly recognizable by their beards.
1224. Even if the rules allow it, I can’t hit Stone with the Stone Cold Stunner.
1225. Having more beer than the enemy doesn’t give me a morale bonus for the mass combat chart.
1226. No feat allows me to open beer cans with my pects.
1227. The Death Star does not need a cabin boy.
1228. ‘Overused cliché’ is not an appropriate favored enemy.
1229. I cannot gain Drama Dice in games I’m not actually in.
1230. It’s okay if you name your Kindred Alucard. But I still can’t name my Garou Namflow.
1231. No matter how low Orc intelligence, they aren’t going to fall for a large wooden horse outside the gates of Mordor.
1232. “Head, Heart, Run” is not our posse’s motto.
1233. No matter how much sense it makes, we can’t paint the Glitterboy a camo scheme.
1234. My first act as XO can’t be a mutiny.
1235. Not allowed to use the replicator and transporter to fill the Bird of Prey with Jello.
1236. I can’t take Invisibility to Detect Invisibility.
1237. My fighter can’t use the Monster Manual as a To-Do list.
1238. No making up Patron Saints.
1239. No part of the adventure is clothing optional.
1240. No matter what the dice say, I didn’t just seduce Chun Li. And Cammy.
1241. It takes more than one pick pocket roll to totally derail the campaign.
1242. I can’t wish that somebody competent wrote this module.
1243. Even if the game is dreadfully repetitive, our party is motto can’t be ‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat’
1244. I will not point out the Drow Matron would make more money as an exotic dancer. Even if it’s true.
1245. Must at least pay lip service to the metaplot.
1246. It’s not possible to stampede dwarves.
1247. When told to pick a published superhero to play, Johnny Cash is not allowed. Paul Stanley is perfectly acceptable.
1248. There is no such thing as a strap on beard.
1249. It doesn’t matter if he took the large advantage, we aren’t using the Ussuran as ballast.
1250. I will address the other PC as Lord Tyrion, Eldritch Knight of the Winter Court. And not just as the Sidhe Male.

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