Skill Update and Maintenance Fixes 7-3-2018

Skill Update and Maintenance Fixes 7-3-2018

Here comes the Skill Update! I also have quite a few bugs and other issues I have addressed this go around. 

Skill Update

Skills scores have been tweaked with this update. There are a lot of reasons for this.

First, there were multiple issues with  starting skills. Even if a Skill was chosen at first level so a character would be good at it. Sometimes that character would still have a low Skill Score.

To fix this each character now has a Primary Skill and a Secondary Skill. These are just the first and second skills chosen at 1st level. Or just selected in the case of an NPC. These two Focus Skills will have an inherent bonus to them. The character’s Primary Skill will have a base +10 added to it. The character’s Secondary Skill will have a base +5 added to it. This should make it so that any character can be good at any skill they want. Just make sure the Skills you want to be best at is your Primary and Secondary Skill. These are selected at Level 1 during character creation. They can also be easily changed on the Character Leveling page under the Base character information. 

Secondly, there was an issue with Traits being out of whack with Skill Advancement. The bonus given to Skills by Traits has been reduced. Traits still affect Skills but on lesser scale. The new bonus is a 3:1 ratio.  This means that a Trait of 6 will now give a Skill Bonus of 2, instead of 6.  This should help keep skills from being inflated too much by min maxing character Traits. 

  • Skill Points are still used to adjust Skill. 2 per Level as before.
  • Powers can still change Skill Rolls. 
  • Items can still modify Skill Scores.
  • Selecting a Neutral character will also still give you those Skill Point Bonuses.
  • Specialties for Skills have not been changed. 
  • The rolls needed to be successful in using Skills has not been changed.

This change to Skills should make any character be able to be better at the skill they want regardless of level or Traits. It should also make Skill Powers, Items, and Specialties much more meaningful. It should force players to put a little more thought and effort into characters that want to have Skills that shine above others. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments with these changes. 

Thanks for playing!

Skill Update Release Notes


  • Added Awarded section to My Custom Content sections (PCs/NPC/Powers/Items). This section will now detail all the Awarded slots you have received. These come from contests, promotions, and gifts from!
  • Added a Remove All Powers to the Edit Power page. Use this to completely remove Powers from a character.
  • New Powers added.
  • New PCs added.
  • New NPCs added.
  • New Items added.
  • New RPG memes added.
  • New RPG Motivational Posters added.


  • Character creation date should now show a proper date. Characters created before this fix will still show 0’s.
  • Character Notes creation date should now show a proper date. Characters Notes created before this fix will still show 0’s.
  • Issue where some characters and/or NPCs could not be deleted. This should be corrected. NOTE: When DELETING characters all custom Powers and Items are also deleted!
  • Character and Contribution notes should be removed properly now when submitting or deleting PC’s and NPC’s.
  • Custom Item Warning for PC/NPCs should not show the proper number and list of Custom Items on the character.
  • New Character Generator should once again now auto add or not Powers to a new character. Please report any further trouble with this.
  • Fixed an error that was causing some newly created characters to not have some tags automatically generated for them.
  • Server-side code tweaks for speed.
  • More code optimization passes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Character Error Warning was showing to users that were not logged in or able to edit the character.
  • Added back label for what item additional character Powers come from.
  • Removed extra slashes from some Character Names on the Edit Item page.
  • Fixed erroneous error messages about Primary Power Point spending for Minions. They don’t have Primary Powers.
  • Fixed error for Low Power Point spending on At-Wills. This was reporting error with Primary Pool instead of At-Will pool.
  • Minions should now only show At-Will Power Pools in the Power Point Pool breakout widgets.
  • Removed Primary Power Section from Character Sheet main page for Minions.
  • Removed Primary Power Section from Character Sheet Powers tab for Minions.
  • Removed Primary Power Section from Character Edit Power page for Minions.
  • Clarified text in “Creating NPCs” section about At-Will Powers and Signature Powers for NPCs.
  • Over spending Power Points on a power should properly display an error now on the Edit Character Powers page.


  • The first Skill that is chosen at 1st level or as a NPC is now the Primary Focus Skill. This skill will get a bonus of 10.
  • The second Skill that is chosen at 1st level or as a NPC is now the secondary Focus Skill. This skill will get a bonus of 5.
  • Traits modify skills at a 3:1 ratio instead of a 1:1 ratio.
  • Removed error warning on Character Sheet for tags. Tags are not required to play. They are only needed for Contribution. This error should only show on the My PC page now. Click Recheck Character for Errors to remove it.
  • Removed Genre from Character Leveling section as it is no longer used. Instead, use tags.
  • Removed Print Friendly Button – Most browsers print off a better character sheet straight from the browser itself.
  • Changed Character Leveling Skill page to match Skill changes.
  • Adjusted New Character Creation page to reflect Skill changes.
  • Added note to only use Suggested Tags for Search pages for Characters, Items, and Powers.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Post concerns on our forums:

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