Death and Dying

Fyxt RPG Death and DyingA Fyxt RPG character’s Hit Points represent how much punishment the character can take, whether physical or psychological. Either way,  when a character’s Hit Points drop to 0 or below, they can no longer take any actions. At this point in time the Fyxt RPG player character is dying. They are near death and unless the character is lucky or gets help they will die. However, player character death is not always the end of that character’s adventures. Find out how characters can return from death in the Fyxt RPG.

Unconscious Player Characters

A character with exactly 0 Hit Points cannot take any Actions; however, the character is not Dying.  They do not have to make Revive checks.

A Dying Character

When a character is below 0 Hit Points, they are considered to be Dying. The character cannot take any actions once the hit points fall below 0 Hit Points. On the player’s turn, they will be required to make Revive Checks.

The character is close to death and may die or otherwise be unable to be healed. Your setting will determine if characters can be raised from the dead.

A character’s base Dying Rate is 1/10th of the character’s base Hit Points (Traits x Level) rounded down (don’t worry, it’s automatically figured on the character sheet). This can be modified through Specialties, Items, or Game Master cheating (Modifications).

Fyxt RPG Player Character Revive Checks

On the character’s turn, they must take into account any and all ongoing effects at the beginning of their turn. Negative effects are calculated before positive effects.

If the character’s Hit Points are still above the character’s Death Limit, they are not quite dead.

If the character is still alive, they must make a Revive Check.  The Revive Check determines whether they will continue to lose more Hit Points, remain stable in their current state, or experience a miraculous recovery.

When a character makes a Revive Check, compare the result of their roll against the table below. The Revive Check can be modified through bonuses from Specialties, GM Bonuses, or items.

D20 Roll Role Play Effect of Roll
1 The character spurts blood from an artery, racing towards death! The character loses twice their Dying Rate in Hit Points.
2-9 The character slowly bleeds out, getting ever closer to death. The character loses their Dying Rate in Hit Points.
10-19 The character’s bleeding seems to subside and they remain stable. The character is stable and does not lose Hit Points.
20 Through a burst of adrenaline, the character makes a miraculous recovery! The character has a miraculous recovery, healing to their Revived Hit Points.

A character’s base Revived Hit Points are 1/4th of the character’s total Hit Points, rounded down. This can be modified through Specialties, Items, or Game Master cheating (Modifications).

Player Character Death

A player character dies when their Hit Points drop below their Death Limit Hit Point value. At this point, there is nothing more the character can do, unless your group is using the Fyxt RPG Optional Advanced Rules. It will be up to the rest of your party to either Raise Dead and bring the character back, or the player will need to create a new Fyxt RPG character for the game.

A character’s base Death Limit Hit Points are 1/2 of their total Hit Points rounded down below 0. This can be modified through Specialties, Items, or Game Master cheating (Modifications).

Bringing a Character back from Death

Once a character is dead, they cannot easily be brought back. If one of the other characters have the Raise Dead Power or the Raise Dead effect on an item, this can be used to bring the character back from death.

Your setting and campaign rules will determine what Raise Dead really means. A character’s death sucks, but it is also a risk that heroes take. It sucks even worse if there is no way to bring characters back from “death”. Here are some ideas on how to handle a dead character in different settings.

  • Fantasy – In most fantasy settings, bringing someone back from death is easier. If not, look at the other choices.
  • Modern – There isn’t much that really brings anyone back from the dead, unless they were dead only for a few minutes. Otherwise, a great solution is that the character enters into a coma–still alive, but unable to take actions. The “Raise Dead” effect can then be more of a “Cure Coma” effect to get characters back into the game.
  • Futuristic – In some futuristic campaign settings, raising the dead is as common as in Fantasy settings. However, if that isn’t an option, raising a character can instead be to clone another copy or download another version of them from the cloud to install in a new body. In these cases, the Raise Dead effect can be a Clone Dead or Copy Dead type effect.

Fyxt RPG Characters Resurrected

When a Fyxt RPG character is brought back from the dead they are severely weakened.

  • -1 to Body Trait, Mind Trait, and Spirit Trait.
  • The character begins at the Revived Hit Point value.
  • Powers and other abilities remain as they were at the time of the character’s death.

If any Character Traits reach 0, the character is automatically unconscious and cannot take actions. They can be healed to full hit points, but cannot take any actions until they complete a Full Rest.

When the character who was brought back from the dead gets a normal chance to rest, their Powers and other abilities will return normally.

When the character who was brought back from the dead gets a chance to take a Full Rest, their Traits will regenerate at the normal Full Rest rate.

There is no permanent damage, character mechanics wise, when a character dies. However, the experience was most likely traumatic or life-changing for the character, offering rich role play opportunities. Your Game Master may also add some flavor or game changes depending on the situation, their campaign, and if the Game Master is feeling particularly vengeful.

Non Player Character Death

In the Fyxt RPG system, all characters that are controlled by the Game Master are non-player characters (NPCs). These can be monsters, associates, shop owners, and even the cow lazily chewing on some plants. Regardless of what it is, non player characters are defeated when they reach 0 Hit Points or below. Whoever causes the Hit Points to drop to the 0 or fewer Hit Point threshold can at that time determine if they are going to kill or knock out the NPC.

Most of the time it will be assumed that the NPC will die. However, if they choose not to kill the NPC, it can be knocked out instead. If the guard was just confused and the characters don’t want to kill him, he doesn’t have to die. Or an NPC can be captured as a prisoner or to be delivered as bounty.

This way players do not have to worry that an enemy might make a miraculous recovery or not truly be dead. It also makes it much easier for a Game Master to manage NPCs.