Combat Modifiers

Fyxt RPG Combat Modifiers - Smart Fyxt RPG players use Combat Modifiers!One of the most exciting times playing the Fyxt Role Play Game System will be during Battle Time. In Battle Time, your character’s life and future are on the line. So everything a player, group, and GM can do to influence success and failure should be utilized. These Combat Modifiers should be used during Battle Time as well as other game modes, depending on the situation. The GM has final say on what Combat Modifiers will be able to be used. Most Combat Modifiers are situational, meaning characters in the particular situation should automatically gain the appropriate Combat Modifier.

Here are the most common and useful Combat Modifiers for Fyxt RPG players to use during Battle Time.

Tactical Advantage

Tactical Advantage

Tactical Advantage is a Combat Modifier used when your character has an advantage over another character. When a character has Tactical Advantage, it means they will receive a Combat Bonus to their Attacks. There are several ways to gain Tactical Advantage that are listed below. The GM may decide there are other times when a character has gained Tactical Advantage. Using Tactical Advantages during Battle Time may make the difference and help assure victory!

  • Grants a Combat Bonus equal to the character’s Tier.
  • Can be gained by Flanking.
  • Can be gained by Surprise.
  • Can be gained by the environment.
    • Defenders on a castle wall would have Tactical Advantage over the attacking army.
    • Sharks would have Tactical Advantage against humans in water.
    • Alien swarmlings would have Tactical Advantage defending the hive mother’s den.

Ask your GM if you are not sure if your character has Tactical Advantage in a certain situation.

Tactical Disadvantage

Tactical Disadvantage

Tactical Disadvantage is a Combat Modifier that comes into play when the GM determines the character has a disadvantage. The character will receive a Combat Penalty to Attacks. There are several ways to gain Tactical Disadvantage though this should happen very infrequently. A good Game Master will only use this during the most dire circumstances. Most of the time one side or the other will have Tactical Advantage instead.

  • Grants a Combat Penalty equal to the character’s Tier.
  • Can be gained by the environment or dramatic situations.
    • Battling fiends in Hell.
    • Inflicted with the plague.
    • Inside the emperor’s sanctified temple.

Flanking and Enemy

Flanking an opponent in Battle Time will grant a character a Combat Modifier to Attack. When a character and an ally are located on opposite sides of an enemy, both of the characters get a Combat Modifier bonus to all Attack rolls versus the enemy they are flanking. Imagine a straight line going from the center of the space you occupy through the center of the space your ally occupies. The line must pass through the space your opponent occupies.

  • Flanking grants Tactical Advantage.
  • The Combat Bonus only applies to the opponent currently Flanked.
    • In the case where more than one space or creature is affected by the attack, the attack works as normal. The Combat Bonus only applies to the Flanked enemy.


Surprise is a Combat Modifier that occurs when one or more character acts in a sudden and surprising manner, taking other characters by surprise. Examples of Surprise are: an ambush, getting a face slap from an offended person, or an earthquake. Those that initiate, or do the surprising, gain Tactical Advantage Combat Modifiers for first turn of Battle Time.

  • The Surprising character(s) will gain Tactical Advantage for the first turn in Battle Time.
  • Surprising character(s) will have one turn to act before the Surprised character gets a turn.
  • Surprise Tactical Advantage Combat Bonus ends at the end of the first round of actions.
Taking Cover

Taking Cover

Taking cover, or hiding behind something in combat can be beneficial.

  • Minor Cover – 10% to 49% – Hiding behind a tree or a wagon will provide a bonus to Defenses equal to your Tier.
  • Major Cover – 50% to 90% – Better cover, such as palisades in a castle or behind a rock wall—something designed to be used as cover. This will provide a bonus to your Defenses of twice your Tier.
  • Superior Cover – 95% to 100% – You are totally hidden from view, behind a murder slit or in a closed closet or otherwise completely hidden, where it would be very hard to hit you. You will gain a bonus to your Defenses equal to ten times your Tier.