Battle Time

Fyxt RPG Battle Time Game ModeBattle Time is Combat Time

In the Fyxt Role Play Game System, Battle Time Game Mode has the most rules, but it is fast and keeps the fun going. Combat encounters don’t grind to a halt over interrupted actions and character doing many actions.

Players of the Fyxt RPG will find that combat stays fluid and exciting. All players get a chance to do something every round. No matter what kind of RPG action is going on, or whatever state they may be in, players of the Fyxt RPG continue playing the game. The one exception to this is when a player character is dead, and even then a player still may have options they can use during game play. The Fyxt RPG feels that role play game players should always get to play their role play game!

Combat is exciting and fluid. This allows players to stay in character and engaged. Fyxt RPG has shorter rounds helping players stick with the action and to know what is happening. Each player has a completely customized toolbox of weapons and abilities to use against any enemies they encounter. Fyxt RPG Battle Time is more fun than anything else out there. Best of all, Fyxt RPG groups will be able to have lots of encounters because of the ease of which they are presented, battled, and ultimately overcome.

To keep order during the life and death struggles of combat, Battle Time is broken down into a series of rounds. On each normal round all of the players and the Game Master will be able to take one turn. On these turns the players will have access to the following things they can do.

The order of Battle Time is determined by everyone rolling Reaction checks. The highest Reaction rolls will go first. The order can change slightly if the player characters are ambushed or if they themselves do the ambushing. In this case, the ambushers always go first, and those that get ambushed will go second. Reactions will still be rolled to determine an order, but those doing the ambushing are automatically faster than those that were ambushed.

Player Character’s Turn in Battle Time

In every turn during Battle Time, each Player Character will be able to: take an Action, Move, and take a Free Action. What a player character can do in Battle Time is restricted. Events happen quickly but everyone wants to get their turn in, so it is important to keep strict order in the Fyxt RPG to keep the game flowing.


Each player will have an action on their turn. This Action will normally be using a Power but there are a few other things that a player can do as an Action. A player character can do one Action per turn from the list below.

  • Activate a Magic Item
  • Free Action
  • Move : You can Move as an Action if you are in a hurry and effectively want to have 2 Moves in 1 turn.
  • Use a Basic Attack
  • Use a Combat Maneuver
  • Use a Power : Powers that include movement count as an Action and not a Move.
  • Use a Skill


Each player will be able to move their Speed in Spaces. This can be modified by Powers, terrain and other combat modifiers. A player character can do one Move per turn from the list below. Players can break a Move into separate “mini” Moves if they wish.

Example: Bob’s Speed is 8. He wants to heal 2 people. Bob can Move 2, use a healing Power on one character. Then Move 3 and use a healing potion on the second character. Then Move away 3 more Spaces. Bob did not go further than his Speed allows while using his Action for a Power and his Minor Action for the potion. This is a legal move for Bob.

  • Move number of Spaces equal to character Speed.
  • Minor Action

Minor Action

Each player will also get to use one Minor Action. A player character can do one Minor Action per turn from the list below.

  • Speak up to 50 words.
  • Use an-ally only Disposable Fyxt RPG Item. These may include potions, elixirs, charges on a wand etc.
  • Assist Another in a Skill Check : This can be done out of turn, but only used once a round.
  • Dropping an Item that is already held.

Round Action Combinations

A player character can change what they want to do on their turn. Normally player characters will use an Action, maybe a Move, and maybe a Minor Action, but this can be changed if there are other things a player wants to do. The combinations that a single player character can take on their turn are as follows. These can be taken in any order.

  • Action, Move, Minor – The standard actions.
  • Move, Move, Minor – To move further than one Move action.
  • Action, Minor, Minor – To stay in one place.
  • Move, Minor, Minor – To move out of combat and take a few healing elixirs.
  • Minor, Minor, Minor – To heal a lot with things like healing elixirs.

A player character doesn’t have to use all parts of their turn if they do not want to. They can forgo any part of their turn. These actions are given up until the players next turn.

Delaying Your Turn in Battle Time

You may delay your turn if you wish to go later in a round. You may want to delay your turn if you are waiting for a group member to act or waiting for an answer to a question. If you Delay and then act later in that same turn, your Reaction order will change to the new place in which you acted. If you do not act while you are Delaying your turn, you will go back to your original Battle Time order at the end of the turn.

Talking in Battle Time

Talking during Battle Time can be very distracting, so every player needs to be sure to keep the subject on the Fyxt RPG game at hand. Characters are able to talk during a round and even out of turn though they should keep this very limited. First, very little time is actually passing in the game so there is no time for long discussions or debates about tactics. Second a character should be limited to how much real talking and discussing is going on. For the most part characters should be limited to 25 words or 15 seconds or so of discussion during Battle Time. Players can speak up out of turn as well but this should be very limited, to be around 5 words or a couple seconds long.

However, the Game Master can moderate this and allow players more or less talking during Battle Time depending on the situation. It is encouraged that players should stay in character and the banter of combat can be fun. Talking should not be distracting though and the players should not be allowed to have detailed in depth strategy discussions.

Fyxt RPG Battle Time Definitions

Critical Attack
Critical Damage
Critical Attack Penalty
Critical Healing
Critical Benefit

Order of Effects in Battle Time

Sometimes it comes down to a Hit Point here, a Minor Action there. Whatever it may be players need to sort out what happens when. When this happens it is important to know the exact order of when things will happen to the player on their turn. Here is the breakdown of the exact order of events.


Fyxt RPG Battle Time is Fast, Fun, and Furious

As you can see there are a lot more constraints when it comes to Battle Time. These are necessary to have clean, fun, and fast battles and conflicts in the Fyxt Role Play Game System. The Fyxt RPG is streamlined and fun. All players get to participate and the glory is spread between everyone in a Fyxt RPG game. So sharpen your swords and charge your blasters and jump on into Battle Time with the Fyxt Role Play Game System.