What the #@$% is the core mechanic?

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      Can anyone figure out anything with this system?

      The rules “organization” is non-existent.

      How does one do anything with this system? What is the core mechanic? Is it a d20 roll? A percentage roll? How are do stats impact the success of this role? Are these difficulty levels to accomplish a task?

      Why aren’t these concepts explained on the very first page of the site?

      For instance, in a d20 system, the core mechanic is “Roll a d20, modified by ability bonuses to hit a target difficulty number.”

      In Savage Worlds “Roll a die to hit a target number of 4. That die may be a d4, d6, d8, d10 or d12 depending on how powerful a character is with a given ability”.

      Can anyone make a statement about the core mechanic of this system? Is it stated *anywhere* on the web site?

      “The Fyxt RPG Powers is an amazing, fun, and infinitely flexible system to give players the characters they have always wanted to play. ”

      I keep seeing statement all over the web site telling me how awesome the system is… Have you ever heard the expression “Show, don’t tell?”

      Stop telling me how awesome the system is. Explain it in a way that makes it even slightly understandable and perhaps it is true… but I have not seen evidence of this so far.

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      Fyxt RPG Master

      At the core I would call this a d20 system. Players will use a d20 to determine success in things such as attacking and skill checks.

      I tried to keep the specific mechanics off the first page to give more of an overall idea of what the Fyxt RPG is. However, if you think it would be helpful I will definitely look at including something about that.

      The website is organized in an attempt to help people that have no idea what an RPG is get moving through. Experienced gamers can probably skip some of the basics and jump right to “What to Play?”

      Looking at the main menu bar along the top we step through it from left to right.
      This section is meant for those that are not familiar with tabletop RPGs.

      1. What is the Fyxt RPG? (Letting folks know its a game, and RPG, and why I built it)
      2. Why Fyxt RPG? (What is the Fyxt RPG like to play? Who plays it? What’s it like)

      Then onto the system and mechanics itself.

      1. What to Play? (The overall kind of character you want to play.)
      2. Build a Character (Now build that character.)
      3. Run A Game (Specifics on how to play and run a game.)
      4. Tools (Tools to make playing the Fyxt RPG easier.)
      5. Forum & Social – (Connect with other players.)
      6. Blog (News and Announcements)
      7. Account (Manage your account)

      Thank you for you input, I really do appreciate it. I want to make the Fyxt RPG as easy and as user friendly as possible. I am happy to make changes to the website to help make that happen. In fact, the Fyxt RPG wouldn’t even exist if I didn’t want to make RPGs better.

      I hope my explanation helps. If you have some ideas about how to organize these things so they do not have to be explained I would like to hear them.

      All I want to do is make this as good as possible for everyone. Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback.

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      Great answer

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