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      Originally posted here:

      Hey everyone! I’m posting today to ask you to help me get the word out about the Fyxt RPG. This is an awesome system but it’s been a challenge to get people to try it out. I really need people to spread the word about the Fyxt RPG, so that more people will hear about it and try it out, and then tell THEIR friends about it. I am just a gamer with a dream but this dream can’t come true without the great support from my friends, family and Fyxt RPG fans.

      Thank you to everyone who has already helped to make the Fyxt RPG what it is!

      To make the Fyxt RPG better, we really just need to let the world know it exists. I don’t have a marketing budget. It is just you and me, the people who know that the Fyxt RPG rocks. Let’s work together to make it succeed!

      The best way to get the word out is to talk about it, share links about it and to get our friends to try it.

      Talk and Chat about the Fyxt RPG

      The first is easy, just talk to your own friends, family and fellow gamers about the Fyxt RPG. In forums and message boards a great way to spread the word is put a link to the Fyxt RPG in your signature. This is great especially in RPG areas where so many will see the link and check it out. Plus it makes it easy so you don’t have to put the links or whatever in the post. Just stay on topic and people will see and follow your signature.

      Sharing and Linking the Fyxt RPG

      The second way is also very easy. All it takes is a second or two to share or link web pages. You can share or link just the home page or specific pages depending on the subject. These links are a fantastic way to get the word out about the Fyxt RPG. Some of the best places to share these are:

      …or anywhere online talking about RPGs.

      GM Fyxt RPG Games For New Players

      The third way is the most effective way to get people interested in the Fyxt RPG: Play it! After just a short time they are sure to see the advantages of a streamlined system designed for any genre. The digital aspects make gaming mechanics a breeze. No books or dice needed. Since you are already interested in the Fyxt RPG, you can GM a game! It is super easy and fun to GM the Fyxt RPG so get out there and get your friends together for a game!

      With your help, we can spread the word about the Fyxt RPG and make it the success we all want it to be.

      Thank you so much for your time, dedication, and most importantly, for playing and supporting the Fyxt RPG!

      Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding how to let the world know about the Fyxt RPG.

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