Release Notes – Code Refactor Has Finished!

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      Check out the post here: Release Notes – Code Refactor Done

      Welcome to 2020! I am happy to announce that the major code refactor/migration has completed. It took me months of coding but we are finally back up and running on a completely overhauled code base! Hooray!

      What does this mean for you?

      It means that FyxtRPG should be faster and more secure. It should be able to handle scaling and additions to the system far better then the old way it was built. Don’t worry, all of your stuff should be fine. In fact, much of the website should have the same look and feel as it did before. Most of the changes were under the hood. 

      While I was working on all this code refactoring I did try to tackle as many bugs and fixes as I could in the process. So there is no comprehensive list of bugs and fixes in this update because so much changed. However, please report any problems or issues you do run into. Thanks for your diligence!

      Why did I do all this extra work?

      There are a lot of reasons. The primary one was I have also been working on a whole suite of tools for Game Masters (GMs). The core of the Fyxt RPG was build for players so they could easily create and manage any kind of character their imagination could dream up. I think it succeeded quite nicely with that. 

      However, it is a little cumbersome for GMs to run things as much of what they needed to do could not be done directly in the Fyxt RPG. This meant that GMs had to have a lot of external resources to really run a great game. I have tried to built tools to incorporate what a GM needs into the Fyxt RPG. Now, those tools are not yet released as I am finishing them up on my test server. However, now that the live website is refactored it is ready to be able to handle this expansion. 

      I’ve heard a lot of talk, but when are the GM Tools coming out?

      The core tools are done or almost done on test. I am working out the last bit of details and hope to be releasing them soon. My goal is to have the core suite of tools out by the end of February. They will be in live alpha testing which only Fyxt RPG Gods will have access to. But after a month or two of testing and working out the quirks the GM Tools will be released to everyone!

      Get in on the testing!

      In preparation for the new suite of tools, the newly refactored code, and the next big step for the Fyxt RPG I have created an awesome promo for anyone that wants to get in on the testing. 

      12 Months Free + 50% Off After!

      We are offering a FREE YEAR on all subscriptions to get you playing! Sign up as a Fyxt RPG God and you will have alpha access to test out and work with the new campaign, adventure, and encounter tools! Use the promo code:


      This promo will run until the GM Tools are released, so sign up now. It will probably run through the end of February. So if you want to try out the new GM Tools, sign up today! Only Fyxt RPG Gods get alpha access to new features.  

      So please sign up to help test out the new tools. I want them to be awesome for everyone! Hopefully they will make GMing easier and create a bunch of GM content that we can all use in our games. 

      OK that is enough from me. Instead of more official notes I’m just going to say that tons has been fixed and updated. There is a lot of new content to use (PCs, NPCs, Items, Powers). And way too much to mention in a breakdown.

      I look forward to what the next decade has in store for the Fyxt RPG!

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