Release Notes – 1-24-2021 – Fixes and Updates + Gifts!

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      Release Notes for the Fyxt RPG 1-24-2021

      Size and Scale Modifiers added!

      On rare occasions the party will have to deal with things that are much larger than them. This will likely come into play when the players are dealing with vehicles and other large machines. These modifiers are to be used when in a Battle Time Encounter and dealing with extreme differences in scale.

      A good example of scale differences is in Star Wars.

      Person < X-Wing < Corellian Corvette < Star Destroyer < Death Star   

      The trick here is to determine the Scale Difference between each side. The aggressor in each Action is the one that must modify their attacks, damage, etc. 

      These modifiers should not be used too often but they can really bring some interesting situations to the game.

      Sign Up for a God Membership for Free and Test Encounters and Adventures!

      As we kick off the live alpha test of Encounters, I will now change my focus on testing and fixing issues with the new tools. Once Encounters go into beta for everyone I will start working on the next wave of tools.

      Important Note: Only Fyxt RPG GOD level members get alpha access to these tools. So, if you are not a GOD level we are running a special now where you can sign up as a Fyxt RPG GOD for FREE.

      12 Months Free + 50% Off After That

      Use the promo code: GMToolsPromo

      Thank you so much to the old and the new Fyxt RPG GODs and all their hard work and testing with the Fyxt RPG. I could not get these tools cleaned up without you!

      Special Thanks To All Existing Players

      As a “Thanks for playing the Fyxt RPG!” we have added bonus account space to all members!

      • Free: 1 PC Slot
      • Epic Hero: 1 PC Slot, 2 Item Slots, 2 Power Slots
      • Legendary GM: 1 PC Slot, 2 NPC Slots, 3 Items Slots, 3 Power Slots
      • Gods: 2 PC Slots, 5 NPC Slots, 5 Items Slots, 5 Power Slots

      Thank you so much for playing the Fyxt RPG!

      Release Notes



      • Tags display errors that were causing Tags to “crash”.
      • Issue where sometimes editing an accepted/public Encounter would “unpublish it”.
      • Fixed issue where PC/NPC Search was not returning results when it should have.
      • Fixed issue where Power Search was not returning results when it should have.
      • Group Size drop down not populating on NPCs on Edit Character Level page.
      • Fixed the Stone Age tag from always automatically being added to character tags.
      • Resolved issue where the NPC Wizard would not “auto build” most stats for the character.
      • Fixed search issue with Description on Item Search Page.
      • Fixed search issue with Item Type on the Item Search Page.
      • Fixed search issue with Tier Type on Specialty Search Page.
      • Fixed an issue where more results than actually found were shown.


      • Changed the amount of custom content each account type can have. This was changed to encourage more Contribution. There is also a lot more assets now which reduce the need for so many custom assets. More room can still be earned through higher member level, account submissions, awards, and prizes. There are also a few other ways to bump up account space. Coming Soonish…

      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. For the entire update post, check out the blog posting here:

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