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      Hey folks over at Fyxt, I’m glad to see that you’re all still around and updating the game. I’ve been checking in every few months for the last few years just to see what’s going on. I’ll admit that I never did run a game but I’ve always been curious. It’s a hard sale to a lot of my players given the perceived difficulty of learning the system. I do have a couple of recommendations though when it comes to involving new players and building up a community of players.

      1.) Discord! Everybody is using Discord these days. You guys should 100% have a community Discord if you don’t have one already. It’s free. It’s one of the most popular voice/text clients out there with hundreds of thousands of users. Tabletop gamers and PC gamers alike use it.

      2.) Keep making youtube videos! Some of your last videos on youtube were done YEARS ago. You should update the videos, create tutorial guides, or just show off some of your gaming sessions. Sell your system to the community.

      3.) Keep updating and keep working on the system. I think Fyxt is a really interesting system. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually play it but I’ll admit that I do enjoy looking through the updates. I appreciate that you guys are this dedicated.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. Those are some good ideas. I definitely want to get some new/better videos up to help learn the system.

      I am currently working on a campaign system/tools for a GM to make it even easier to run games. If you have specifics on why it is hard/confusing to learn the game I would love to hear them. It’s hard to know where those weak spots are when I am the made the game. It makes perfect sense to me! heh

      I will keep cranking away on the system. There is still lots to come! Plus, when I finally “finish” the system itself there will be a nearly infinite amount of content that I can add. I love this game, my players love it and I won’t ever stop working on it if there is even one group playing.

      Thanks for your encouraging words and suggestions.

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      Fyxt RPG Master

      1.) Discord! OK so I got a Discord server going. We will see how this goes. The link to join is:

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