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      In honor of Free RPG day, June 16th, we want to offer you the chance to try out the premium membership for Fyxt RPG for free for a whole year! This promo will be available during our Free RPG Week 2018!

      The Fyxt RPG is free to play everyday but we want to let you see some of the advantages that you get with a premium membership.

      Sign up or change your account to a premium account using the promo code


      This code will give you 12 months of free premium membership. Keep your account active and enjoy a 25% discount after that! All of our billing is done through PayPal so you know it is secure, safe, and guaranteed!

      To see the differences in the levels of membership, check out this handy chart:

      As an added bonus our Fyxt RPG GOD level membership will be available during this promo! This grants tons of space for your custom creations, access to all the bonus options, rules, and tools. Plus, exclusive BETA access to all of our upcoming features, tools, and expansions.

      Tell your friends, your neighbors, anyone that might be interested. Now is an awesome time to give all the features of the Fyxt RPG a try.

      If you have an existing account you can upgrade or change your subscription with this promo code.

      This promo will be available through June 24th, 2018!

      Happy Free RPG Day! Thanks for playing!

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