New Membership Promotion for GM Tools Launch in 2020

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      The GM Tools should be ready to be released in about 6 weeks. To prepare for this we are offering a great deal on memberships. We want players to be ready to give these new tools a try! To start the GM Tools will be released in as an Alpha Test. Only Fyxt RPG Gods will be able to test the GM tools during this period. The more testers we have the better!  Once the Fyxt RPG Gods are happy with the new tools they will be released to everyone as a Public Beta. This phase will run through most of the year or until they are relatively bug free and thoroughly tested. 

      These tools should  bring a whole lot of functionality to Game Masters in the Fyxt RPG. It should really help keep everything in a self contained area, automatically updated, and easily generated so we can all spend more time playing then building!

      GM Tools in the works.

      • Campaign Generator : This tool will be so GMs can organize everything for their Campaign in one spot. 
      • Adventure Generator : This tool will be for GMs to create and organize Adventures within their campaign or outside it. 
      • Encounter Generator : This tool will help GMs quickly and easily create fun Encounters for their games. 
      • Plus more!

      I have a lot of ambitious ideas and I will try to get them implemented as soon as I can. 

      If you are not already a Fyxt RPG God sign up or upgrade your account now so you can be one of the first to get into the upcoming GM Tools. 

      Here is the promotion. This will be offered until the first wave of tools is released. Those are the ones mentioned above. 

      GM Tools Promotion

      12 Months Free + 50% Off After That 

      We are offering a FREE YEAR on all subscriptions to get you playing!

      Sign up as a Fyxt RPG God and you will have Alpha access to test out and work with the new campaign, adventure, and encounter tools!

      Use the promo code:


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