New Additions Update 8-4-15

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      This month’s new stuff update is a little thin. I have been working on a few things that are not quite ready yet.

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        New Player Characters added!


        New Non-Player Characters added!


        New Powers added!


        New Items added!




        Fixed mismatch with Lessen Critical Hit Specialty. Some of the descriptions did not get changed to reflect the new larger resistance value.


        Typos on Edit Character Equipment.


        Deadly Environmental Effects have been simplified. This makes Deadly Environments a little easier to deal with while still offering a significant challenge to players.

      • Character Tier x 5 Penalty to d20 Rolls. Players will receive a penalty to d20 rolls equivalent to their Character Tier times five. This affects Attack Rolls, Skill Checks, and Combat Maneuvers.


      • Character Speed is reduced by Character Tier.


      • The character will take 25% of their total maximum Hit Points every round they are exposed to the Deadly Environment.

      That covers if for this go around. There are a few more minor features I want to add to before we go live. However, things are running well so I hope that we may be able to push up the end of beta and launch the Fyxt RPG before 2016. Thanks for all of your help and input. Remember, get involved with the Fyxt RPG Beta Group program so you and your group can be set for life! Once we go live that will no longer be offered.

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