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      Hello everyone! In my craziness I totally forgot to post the updates and changes to this cycle.
      For the most part I have been hard at work optimizing and tuning the new server to get running it’s best for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.


      • New NPCs added to the database.


      • New PCs added to the database.


      • New items added to the database.


      • New Powers added to the database.

      Changes to Create Object
      Create Object costs have increased. The costs were incredibly low and made Create Object quite powerful. This was due to an old mechanic with the effect which no longer applies.

      This effect creates a mundane object. This object cannot be a complicated machine nor have any other effects associated with it. Please consult your GM if you plan to use Create Object to establish how it can be used. It is intended to be used to literally create anything or only creates a specific item. It is intentionally left vague so players can mold it to their game needs. Create object might just produce a torch. Or have the ability to create anything the player may want. Or be used similar to a Replicator on Star Trek.

      Objects created are normal objects that do not disappear and can be broken or destroyed like normal items of their type.

      Create Object cannot be used to create any precious or special materials.

      Crafting or other Skill checks may be required at the time they are used. This is up to the GM and the precision and skill that may be needed in the application.

      Create Object costs increase start small and increase with each large object to be created.

      • Create Object 5 costs 7.


      • Create Object 10 costs 13.


      • Create Object 25 costs 25.


      • Create Object 50 costs 38.


      • Create Object 100 costs 50.


      • Create Object 250 costs 88.


      • Create Object 500 costs 125.


      • Create Object 1000 costs 150.


      • Added Create Object 2500 costs 200.


      • Create Object 5000 costs 250. Moved to 21st level required.

      Some examples of good uses of create objects (and food and water) include; creating or summoning torches. Mystically summon an item you want. Fashion clothes or other items of use. Create a canoe, a bridge, a door, a barricade, or any number of other uses. I am sure players will come up with tons of amazing uses for this effect.

      As always please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Please report any issues you have with any of the new changes.


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