New Additions Update 2015-04-05

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      There are only a few things I was able to do with this update. There is one week left of the Kickstarter. Once that is over I will get back to the regular upgrades/additions.

      If you havn’t already, please stop by our Kickstarter and support us. Thanks!


      • Fyxt RPG Player Reward Token use added. These are a way to reward players for great play during the game.


      • Added the specific Defense a Discipline Attacks in the Discipline Header. IE: Secondary Discipline Powers | Defensive Combatant | d20 +25 to Attack Body Defense | +70 Damage
      • The Advanced Crit and Fumble takes have been updated to include healing and bonus/penalty modifiers.


      • Item Effects, Specialties, and Powers should once again display correctly on the Edit Character Item Page.
      • Specialty line that increases Heals now applies properly to overall Healing.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

      Thanks all!

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