New Additions Update 2015-01-05

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      Happy 2015! I hope everyone had a good holiday season. It was great around here. I took a little time off to enjoy some time with friends and family. That is why the update this go around is pretty light. There are a few new things and a couple fixes.


      • Added more new NPCs.
      • Added more new Powers.
      • Updated Horde mechanics to include Recovery, Resistance, and Bleed.
      • Added some Character Sheet Tool Tips
      • Added some Random Dice Roller Tool Tips


      That’s all for this go around. There are tons of great plans for this year as I hope to polish off and round off the Fyxt RPG. Please remember to Share it with all your friends and get some more Fyxt RPG games going. The more we get playing, the better we can test, the sooner it will be ready to move out of beta.

      Thank you all for your continued support. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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