Maintenance Update 2015-5-18

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      This mid month update does not have a lot of bug fixes in it. Instead I have migrated onto its own VPS server. It was on a shared VPS but now it is on its own. It’s not the big bad server I was hoping for with the Kickstarter but it is a little step up. This means I can fine tune the server settings for this specific website. Hopefully you will see an improvement in the website speed in the coming months. With this in mind please report any problems or issues that you encounter with the website as I make these many changes.

      Also with this update I have simplified and clarified the membership levels for Please see the members level page for more information.

      With these member changes I have also added a new promo code that will be available throughout beta. This promo code will allow users to try out a premium membership for free!


      Feel free to upgrade your free accounts to this to check out the premium features of

      Those are the big things I have been working on. I really don’t have a specific list this time around. If the server cooperates and everything can get back to normal I should be rocking out a bunch of new stuff in the coming weeks.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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