Maintenance Update 2014-12-17

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      You might have noticed it been pretty quiet around here for the last week or so. That’s because I have been cranking away on fixes!

      The biggest change you will want to know about is that everyone can now add at least 1 Power to an item. This means that even free to play Fyxt RPG members can add Powers to items making them much stronger. This falls into line with the tuning and tweaking of Disposable Items allowing players to create their own cool Disposable Items such as potions, wands, scrolls, grenades, poisons, or whatever else you can think of!

      Check out the rest of the changes below.


      • 11 Total Powers can be added to Fyxt RPG Items for Premium subscribers. Great for creating those strong items with many cool Powers all on one item.
      • Added more pop up tool tips to assist players with understanding and using the website tools and features.
      • Added the ability for Free Fyxt RPG Members to add 1 Power to items!


      • Corrected issue that was causing duplicate Power entries in Power Search page when effects of the Power could be used in different game modes.
      • Added section tab to the Edit Role-play Page.
      • Fixed Twist Fate to be a checkbox instead of a number. Mouse-over the checkbox to show a tool tip with all of the characters modifications for Twist Fate (Advanced Fyzt RPG Section).
      • Your custom Powers should now be listed on the Custom Items Generator page so it can be added to an item.
        • Fix text on Green Buttons so text will fit on the following:
        • My Custom Powers
        • My Custom Items Page
        • My Custom PCs Page
        • My Custom NPCs Page
      • Green Character Buttons for the following changed to accommodate extra-long names.
        • Character Sheet
        • Character Items
        • Character Leveling
        • Character Powers
        • Character Role-play
        • My Custom Items Page
        • My Custom Characters Page
        • My Custom NPCs Page
        • Power Generator Page
        • Item Generator Page
      • Corrected more spelling and grammar gremlins.
      • Create Food can now be used in Battle Time, Turn Time, and Real Time.
      • Create Water can now be used in Battle Time, Turn Time, and Real Time.
      • Create Object can now be used in Battle Time, Turn Time, and Real Time.
      • Power Use should reflect the proper Game Modes that a Power can be used in on the Power Search Page.
      • Increase GM Mod descriptions to 500 characters.
      • NPC GM Mod descriptions clarified.
      • Overspent Power Points in At-Will Powers now shows correct error message on Edit Character Page.
      • Edit Power Description text counter fix.
      • Description text counters should display how many characters over an entry are. This should help in editing it to fit. Any characters over the maximum allowed will be stripped off when saving.
      • Custom Powers that are not submitted or accepted should appear on Item Generator Power list if they are you own.
      • All accounts should now be able to add at least 1 Power to an item. This fixed a bug with the change from Item Effects to Item Powers for Disposable Items such as Healing Potions. They were an Item Effect, now these types of effects should come from Powers on the item.
      • Removed Disposable Item select box from Item Generator. This was a redundant field. Be sure to select Disposable Item from the Item Category to create all Disposable Items.
      • Corrected many Disposable Items entries in the database to match the current way Disposable Items are handled.
      • Corrected issue where edited items in the Item Generator did not have old effects removed.
      • Removed repetitive JS popup boxes for account changes on:
        • My PCs Page
        • My NPCs Page
        • My Items Page
        • My Powers Page
      • Fixed issue where Custom Fyxt RPG item information did not load properly to edit for members that are not a SuperMod.
      • Item Generator should populate fields when editing existing items if the current user is able to edit the item that is loaded.
      • Corrected issue where Specialties and Powers might not appear on My Custom Items page if an item did not have any Item Effects.

      Please let me know if you have any comments or questions with this update. There is way too many options for 1 person to scrub thoroughly. So please let me know if there is an issue and I will fix it ASAP.

      Thanks all!

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