Maintenance Update 2014-11-20

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      Here are this round of bug fixes and corrections. I was hoping to get to more things but one person can only do so much. 🙂

      Bug Fixes

      • In some cases NPC Power Names, Effects, and Use were not appearing on the Create New Character page.
      • Fixed NPC Signature Powers showing the wrong Discipline resulting in errors.
      • Corrected bug in weight field of item that was looking for a decimal place under Edit Character Items. This should accept integers only now. (For items where there are more than 1 in a weight of 1 weight create the items to say that there are more than 1 in each items. EX: Pack of 5 Candles. Each weighs .2)
      • Power Generator Total Tertiary Points was not displaying correctly. This has been changed. This had a cascading effect that changed the Available Points as well. Now these are calculated off the correct number. The Character Sheet and Edit Character Powers page had correct value. This was only an issue with the Power Generator.
      • Added “Share” dropdown field for Power Generator. This allows you to share the Power with your Fyxt RPG Friends.
      • Added description for Twist Fate in the Advanced Battle Time Options. Twist Fate was added to the Character Sheet last update by the description was not added.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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