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      I was wondering if a specialty line should be added for Healing critical like there is for damaging critical?

      Minor Healing Critical
      Critical Hits do 5 extra healing.
      Required Level: 1st

      Lesser Healing Critical
      Critical Hits do 10 extra healing.
      Required Level: 5th | Required Specialty: Minor Healiing Critical

      Improved Healing Critical
      Critical Hits do 20 extra healing.
      Required Level: 9th | Required Specialty: Lesser Healiing Critical

      Greater Healing Critical
      Critical Hits do 40 extra healing.
      Required Level: 13th | Required Specialty: Improved Healiing Critical

      Superior Healing Critical
      Critical Hits do 80 extra healing.
      Required Level: 17th | Required Specialty: Greater Healiing Critical

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      Fyxt RPG Master

        Absolutely! I just snuck this one in. It will be included with the mid month update notes.

        Also for anyone else, if you see Specialties that do not have a counterpart or you just think of something cool. Please post your ideas! I’m always on the lookout for ways to add cool character abilities.

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