Google Pushing Mobility Friendly Change April 21

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      What does that mean? It means tomorrow sites that do not fully qualify, according to google, as mobile friendly are going to be penalized in search results.

      What does this mean for
      Well, even though the site is pretty mobile friendly it still does not hit every Google benchmark for being Mobile Friendly. This means that I am having to push forward and rush the website redesign.

      I am not too happy about it because I will not get to test as thoroughly as I like before a change. I am currently working on a redesign and will likely push it out in a day or two. However, it will not be fully tested and there are bound to be some issues.

      So when I push this out you will notice it for sure. At that point please browse around the website and see what you can find that might be messed up, misaligned, or not working properly. I will have the ability to revert if needed, but I would much rather get the new design stable.

      This is why you have not seen a mid month fix update. Hopefully I can iron out the issues asap and get us back on track.

      Thank you for your patience everyone!

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