Fyxt RPG Update – Maintenance 9/16/2015

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      Not a ton of changes again this round due to the gaming conventions I have been attending. A few things here and there were fixed or changed as I was working stuff this cycle. My schedule is slowing down some so I hope to get a more things accomplished in the next few updates. I have a bunch of exciting things coming down the pipe for the Fyxt RPG! Stay tuned.


      • Added Quick Start Email and Page to help new members get started.


      • Added a monthly newsletter to update members about Fyxt RPG news.


      • New Player Characters added!


      • New Non-Player Characters added!


      • New Powers added!


      • New Items added!


      • New RPG Motivational Posters added!


      • New RPG Meme’s added!


      • CSS issues with the Power Generator.


      • CSS issues with the Edit Character Powers page.


      • Fixed Edit Character Journal button on Character Sheet so it appears only if it is the account logged in can edit it.


      • Spelling and grammar issues corrected in tool tips for New Character Generator page.


      • Cleaned up and organized buttons on Edit Character Powers page.


      • Cleaned up some of the main menu to find things easier and make it more mobile friendly.


      • Moved some tool tips from the input to the name in various places. This should help to keep the tool tips from obscuring the inputs. I will be scrubbing all of the pages to make this change in the future.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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        Some great changes for sure. Thanks for all the hard work.

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        Fyxt RPG Master

          It’s a pleasure! Fyxt is certainly coming along nicely.

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