Fyxt RPG Release Notes – New Tag System! 4-25-18

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      Fyxt RPG New Tag System and Enhanced Responsiveness

      This update is a big one. First, much of the Fyxt RPG sections such as the character sheet, character editing page, and more have been update/upgraded to have a more fluid and flexible layout. The Fyxt RPG website has been mobile friendly for years. However, there were certain sections that looked good on a desktop and phone but might have been strange on a tablet. Due to the ever-increasing differences in screen sizes and devices people are playing on, I thought was time to give them some love. I hope that you find the layout is better and fits on more devices. Please let me know if you have any issues, questions, or comments on any of the layout changes. I know there are a few issues still and I will be tweaking those soon.

      New Tag System

      Secondly, I have introduced a Tag system to the Fyxt RPG. Early in the life of the game it was easy to find what you need. However, as the Fyxt RPG grows so does the database of content. This is great!

      There about 150 characters and NPCs that are available. There are over 500 items in the database for you. And the Power database has grown to almost 1500 Powers! It is awesome to see so much content available. However, it makes it harder to find what you are looking for with the old search system.

      Now you will be able to assign tags to your content. These tags are descriptive words to help narrow the search. Hopefully this will make finding content you are looking for much easier.

      Not familiar with Tags? No problem! Tags are just words that describe your content. Such as medieval, sword, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, robe, Drow, Underdark, mithril, bonus damage, and steampunk etc. These are just a few examples to give you an idea.  I have also added an autocomplete function on all tag editing fields to help suggest tags that are already in use in the database. It is far better to use commonly used tags. Type “el” and it might suggest “elf” or “elemental”. If we all work to place good relevant tags on the content it should be much easier to sift through when there are tens of thousands of Powers in the database. The tag system currently will accept new tags as well. This way new content from new genre or lore can easily be added.

      Are you looking for Powers that fit a Wild West theme? Search for “Wild West” in the tags to find Powers that were specifically built with the Wild West theme in mind. Need a Drow elf NPC? Search for “Drow” in the tags. Looking for Jedi items, search for “Jedi” specifically.

      The old search fields are still available with a few exceptions. Genre has been removed. Genre should now be entered as a tag. Categories has been trimmed down to “Regular Item” or “Disposable Item”.  Item types such as “weapon” or “jewelry” will be migrated over to be tags soon.

      The tag search will not work great right away. Few things are tagged right now. I will get things tagged as soon as possible on all current public content.

      This is also in preparation for the new GM campaign and adventure system I have been working on. Tags will really help to organize, find, and use this cool new set of tools that are coming in the future.

      Release Notes


      • Tags can now be added to Characters and NPCs. Use the Edit Level > Base Level to add/remove tags.
      • Tags can now be added to items. Use the Item Generator to add/remove tags.
      • Tags can now be added to Powers. Use the Power Generator to add/remove tags.
      • A minimum of 5 tags must be added to any custom content for it to be approved.
      • Added Trait change message on Edit Base PC page to help players better adjust their Traits if needed.
      • New Powers added.
      • New PCs added.
      • New NPCs added.
      • New Items added.
      • New RPG memes added.
      • New RPG Motivational Posters added.


      • Corrected and clarified PC Wealth error messages for Contribution.
      • Improved mobile layouts for most of the Fyxt RPG character, item, and powers sections. Should be much more responsive now to differing screen sizes.
      • The Power Preview on the Power Generator page should now properly remove effects.
      • Error message for incomplete Power Effect Selections should now properly display if any of the missing requirements are not selected.
      • New Characters should now respect if you want to automatically assign Powers to the new character.


      • Character Journal max size is now 65k characters. This includes all markup.
      • Character Journal limits have been increased for all premium accounts!
      •  Fyxt RPG Epic Hero’s now get 10 Journal Entries.
      • Fyxt RPG Epic GM’s now get 25 Journal Entries.
      • Fyxt RPG Epic God’s now get 50 Journal Entries.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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      Hotfix: There was an issue where new items where not appearing on the character sheet or in searches. This has been corrected.

      If anything else pops up please let me know. Thanks!

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