Fyxt RPG New Content Update 6-3-2016

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      Well our first month of being out there has been great! Thank you for all of the support. You may have asked yourself where all the updates were? Well, I have been keeping them in check as I wanted to see how the website worked and how everyone was using it. It seems to be running great!

      We also held our first content contest. This one was for everything (PC, NPC, Items, Powers) that were comic related. Kyoti was the big winner there with his great submission, Groot. Check it out here. make sure to keep an eye out for the next contest. Make sure to get your submissions in on time as the winners will receive extra account space to create even more custom content! Thank you for your participation and submissions!

      That is about it for now, thanks for playing the Fyxt RPG!

      New Release Notes


      Lots of new Powers
      Lots of new PCs added!
      Lots of new NPCs added.
      New Items
      New RPG memes
      New RPG Motivational Posters
      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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