Fyxt RPG New Content Update 12-5-2014

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      There are not any new systems, mechanics, or tools that were built during this last couple of weeks. Instead I created a new Instant Play Quest for new players of the Fyxt RPG to test out the system. In doing this I created a lot of new low level content that will really help fill out lower level Fyxt RPG selections of what new characters have immediate access too without players having to create their own.

      New Stuff

      • Instant Play Quest – Added a short and simple adventure that anyone can look at and play right away. Characters, non-player characters, story, and the maps are all ready to use. All you need to one person to be Game Master (GM) and a couple others to be the players. It is built for the normal group of 4-6 players (including the GM) but can be played with as little as 2 players or as many as 10.
      • Printable Battle Maps were added.

      New Content Added
      First there are about a dozen new characters (PCs) that have been added. These were primarily added to go along with the Instant Play Quest. However, they can be used by anyone new to the Fyxt RPG to test in whatever first level game they may be playing. To continue modify and continue with these characters just make another identical copy of the character to your own account. After that is done you will be able to modify, adjust, level, and tweak the character to your heart’s desire!

      • Archer – Likes to fight single targets at range with weapons. The Archer also has some stealth skill to sneak around and get into position for battle.
      • Barbarian – Likes to fight lots of creatures at close range with weapons. Speed and multiple target damage are the focus of this character.
      • Druid – Split between healing and helping allies and striking enemies with the forces of nature, using a combination of weapons and spells.
      • Fighter – Likes to fight single targets with up close weapons. The fighter focuses on tackling the most challenging of foes with high Defenses and Hit Points.
      • Healer – Likes to heal and enhance allies. Has good Defenses and Speed.
      • Minstrel – Likes to enhance allies and penalize enemies as well as have improved skills.
      • Paladin – Likes to fight single targets at close range while enhancing and supporting allies.
      • Rogue – Likes to fight a single target while focusing on stealth and skills.
      • Sorcerer – Likes to fight many enemies from a distance using magic.
      • Wizard – Likes to fight enemies at a distance with spells. Also focuses on many Powers with utilitarian purposes.

      Click HERE to see these characters.

      Non-player Characters
      About a dozen new non-player characters (NPCs) have also been added. Again, these were designed specifically for the Instant Play Quest but you are welcome to use them in any quest you would like to run with the Fyxt RPG.

      Over 100 new Powers have been added to the Fyxt RPG Power database when these new characters were created. Many of these will be great for any new character starting to in the Fyxt RPG. This should really help with the low level Power selection.

      About 20 new items have also been added to the Fyxt RPG Item database for these new characters. Feel free to use them on your new characters.

      Bug Fixes

      • 20 Random Characters on the Character Search Page is actually 20 random characters, not the full character listing.

      As always please let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this update.


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        Great work on this!

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        Fyxt RPG Master

          Thanks! Eager to hear how it goes with players running the Instant Play Quest.

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