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      Fyxt RPG Master

      Here are a few game updates, patches, and fixes that I have been working on. A few have been in the works awhile I have just not implemented them until now.

      The most important one is Vitality. Vitality adjusts a character’s base Character Hit Points. Vitality is a number that will now appear below your Traits. Vitality numerically represents the character’s Trait disparities. It cannot be changed directly, as it is not something you can assign. Instead, it is the result of the distribution of the character Traits. Traits that are near to each other will increase Vitality (Body of 10, Mind of 8, Spirit of 11). Traits that vary widely will decrease Vitality (Body of 22, Mind of 2, Spirit of 5). As your Trait disparity decreases Vitality increases. As your Trait disparity increases Vitality decreases. The range in which it changes Hit Points starts at anywhere between +/- 5% at first level to +/- 25% at 20th level.

      Why Vitality?

      Vitality was added as a fix to the strength and playability balance between characters that dumped all of their strength into a single focus versus those that spread out their focus to cover several things. Gamer’s might be familiar with the term “Glass Cannon”, a character with lots of offensive capability but low defensive capability. There was a lot of “cannon” and not very much “glass” if a character was built this way. Conversely characters that spread out their Traits between multiple things found themselves missing the strength of a focused character but they gained little other tangible benefit.

      Vitality helps to solve this disparity between types of characters. Characters with even Traits that spread focus will now have much higher Vitality giving more Hit Points making them more defensive. Characters with all of their Traits in one area will still hit often and hit hard but their Hit Points will now be reduced lowering their “defensiveness”. The gap between characters will be small at low level and grow as character level increases.

      Vitality goes a long way to help address some of the issues game testers have brought up.

      Another, much smaller change, is the reduction in how far characters can go below 0 Hit Points before they die. The base for the Death Limit has changed from 50% max health to 33% max Hit Points below 0. No other numbers related to death and dying have changed.

      To close an issue that arose at higher level, a maximum Trait cap has been added. Characters can no longer devote more than  80% of their total character Traits into a single Trait.

      These changes together should help to make the game feel more dangerous, exciting, threatening, and help balance out the disparity between characters of different types and play styles.

      As always please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. This is one of the things I love most about the Fyxt RPG, I can tune and fix minor issues which correct the entire system for fun, fair, and fast gameplay.

      Thanks for playing the Fyxt RPG!

      Maintenance Release Notes


      • Added Damage/Healing Averages in () after Effect Name on Powers on the Character Sheet. The number is the average of the modified dice only. This average does not take any other modifications into account. Such bonus to Damage/Healing or Dice Roll Minimums.
      • Added Hit Point Variability – Now more changes between min/maxer and balanced traits. 
      • Adding Character Error Reporting – Beginning to add specific character error reporting to help stop errors and tune the character.
      • **Power Point Expenditure Checks
      • **Skill Point Checking
      • **Trait Point Checking
      • **Weight Limit Checking
      • **More coming soon. Please post suggestions/requests.
      • Added button on the Errors tab of the Character Sheet that allows players to manually recalculate and compile a character.
      • New Powers added.
      • New NPC’s added.
      • New RPG memes added.
      • New RPG Motivational Posters added. Now almost 500 in our gallery!


      • Skill Point error reporting. In some cases it was not showing error if too many points were spent on a single skill.
      • Backend server code optimization.
      • Several website speed increases implemented.   


      • Death Limit changed from 50% of Total Hit Points to 33% of Total Hit Points.
      • Specialties that increase the Range of Powers are only applied to Powers effects of a Range of 4 or higher.
      • The Specialties Enhanced Battle Teleport has had their improvement to Teleporting increased.  Distances have been doubled.
      • Battle Time Teleport Power Effect has been doubled.
      • Move Enemy effects now cost half of what they originally did.
      • Move Ally effects now cost half of what they originally did.
      • Characters can no longer have more than 80% of their Trait points assigned to a single trait.

      Known Issues

      • Some Powers are not showing the right Aggression. This will be addressed ASAP.
      • NPCs showing low Tertiary Discipline Power Point spent. Ignore this until fixed.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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      Fyxt RPG Master

      Oh and I wanted to post a heads up… Bleed will be removed from the game shortly. It is no longer necessary due to the recent Power changes. A few others might be trimmed or optimized as well.

      The core of the game is solid so I am starting to get finicky and picky about some of the things on the fringes that are not used much. Let’s get those tuned and balanced for everyone!

      Please let me know if you have any suggestions on where you would like me to start.

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