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      In this update I tackled some of the issues with the Character Journal. Some players have noticed some issues and quirks with it. Well, hopefully those are all fixed now! While I was in there I also added more functionality to the Character Journal editor. This should help you make more specialized entries for your characters!
      Check out the notes below for some of the details. And as always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or issues.

      Release Notes – Character Journal Update and Fixes


      • Upgraded Character Journal! More features to better format your characters story, notes, and more!
      • Added warning if there are unsaved changes to the Character Journal when leaving the page.
      • Added ability to restore a draft of Character Journal if the browser crashes or other issues mess it up. This draft is stored for 60 minutes.
      • Added saving message to Character Journal.
      • Added saved message to Character Journal.
      • Added error message to Character Journal.
      • New Powers added.
      • New PCs added.
      • New NPCs added.
      • New Items added.
      • New RPG memes added.
      • New RPG Motivational Posters added.


      • Several different Character Journal Save issues.
      • Issue that caused editor to break if certain HTML tags where used in editor.
      • Issue where is some situations one Journal Entry would overwrite another.


      • Character Journal icons to new style of icons.
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      Hotfix: Corrected an issue that was preventing Character Ledger Notes from being added from “The One Rings” (aka items with a LOT of effects on them) when they were being changed.

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