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      Do you want a free lifelong premium account for you and everyone in your gaming group? Now is the time to get in on this great opportunity!

      The Fyxt RPG is continuing to grow and we need more dedicated gaming groups testing out the Fyxt RPG. We are looking for active gaming groups that can help us work out the kinks and help tune and test the expanding Fyxt RPG system.

      For a limited time we will be giving away free lifelong accounts to beta test groups! How do you get in on this amazing deal? Sign up on and use the promo code below.


      Use Beta Coupon Promo Code “FyxtBetaFreeEpic” to get the following discount on premium memberships!

      Fyxt RPG Epic Hero: $4.95 now FREE for the first 6 months! Then 20% off after 6 months for as long as you keep the subscription!
      Go to Fyxt RPG Membership Levels Page.

      What does a Premium account offer over a free account?

      The short answer is more room for custom PCs, NPCs, Powers, and Items on your account. Premium accounts also have access to a few optional advanced Fyxt RPG game rules. None of these optional rules are required to play the Fyxt RPG but do offer a little extra if you choose to use them.

      Here are the details of the differences in membership levels.

      Requirements of a Beta Test Group

      We want you to play the Fyxt RPG! We don’t care what kind of game you play, just play it and let us know what you think.

      Once you are signed up, post on our forums who is in your Fyxt RPG Beta group. Just post their nicknames in the thread. This way we can see who is playing with who and connect the dots when there are specific questions posted.

      We will need you and your group to participate on our forums letting us know about your games. Participation in the Fyxt RPG Forums is crucial to getting the free lifetime accounts. We need constant and valuable feedback on the Fyxt RPG forums. The Fyxt RPG is constantly changing and evolving and we need the opinions of our players to keep the game growing.

      Forum Discussions and Posts

      • Bug Reports
      • Game Balance
      • Game Mechanics
      • Questions About Game Systems
      • Suggestions for Additions
      • Testing New Systems
      • Content Creation, Submission, and Awards
      • Testimonials
      • Stories about your Gaming Session
      • Opinions and Comments about Fyxt RPG Games

      At the end of the beta for the Fyxt RPG we will award lifetime memberships to those that participate on our forums. These accounts will be manually modified to become free Legendary GM accounts. Those that excel at helping the Fyxt RPG on the forums may even receive Fyxt RPG God accounts!

      Fyxt RPG Beta is currently scheduled to end 12/31/15. This is subject to change.

      So sign up. Get your group playing the Fyxt RPG. Participate on our forums and you and your group members can earn free premium Fyxt RPG accounts for life!

      Please post your group below. Use their forum Nicknames. Also please post any details you wish to share publically such as who is GMing, what kind of game are you playing, what characters are you using.

      Thanks everyone for helping out!

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      Fyxt RPG Master

      Sample Beta Test Group Post
      These are just a couple examples of how you can post your group. This way we can see who is playing with who. We can relate gameplay issues or whatever on the forums. You may even want to stick this info in your signature. This will also give me a list of who is participating in this so I can upgrade accounts.

      Group 1
      Fantasy, Western, Sci-fi, Superhero and More (We play lots of games.)

      Fyxt RPG Master – GM
      Kyoti – GM
      Pimby – GM
      Icenrose – GM
      Scyberdruid – GM
      Maersk – GM

      Game Description:
      We cycle through GMs. Just about everyone at the table GMs once in awhile. We play a 21 or older game with players of very different experience levels. This group plays weekly.

      Group 2

      Fyxt RPG Master – GM

      This is a small group I run for my kids. (8 & 10) Both kids are learning RPGs. Getting the hang of it quickly! This group plays at irregular intervals. Really, whenever we can sneak in a game. 🙂

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