Encounter Fixes and Tweaks Update – 2020-8-11

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      This go around is just a few fixes and tweaks on the Encounter Generator and Encounter Calculator. I have been spending a lot of time building and testing different Encounters.

      I am also working on the next stage, Adventures!

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      As we continue the live alpha test of Encounters, I will continue my focus on testing and fixing issues with the new tools. Once Encounters go into beta for everyone I will start working on the next wave of tools.

      Important Note: Only Fyxt RPG GOD level members get alpha access to these tools. So, if you are not a GOD level we are running a special now where you can sign up as a Fyxt RPG GOD for FREE.

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      Thank you so much to the old and the new Fyxt RPG GODs and all their hard work and testing with the Fyxt RPG. I could not get these tools cleaned up without you!

      Release Notes – Skill Check Update and Gifts


      • Added a Tag Counter to the Added Tags in the Character Edit Levels page.
      • Added a Tag Counter to the Added Tags in the Power Generator.
      • Added a Tag Counter to the Added Tags in the Item Generator.
      • Added a Tag Counter to the Added Tags in the Encounter Generator.
      • New Encounters added!
      • New Powers added!
      • New PCs added!
      • New NPCs added!
      • New Items added!
      • New RPG memes added!
      • New RPG Motivational Posters added!


      • Issue that was causing the Encounter Generator to not save sometimes.
      • Fixed an issue that was causing the Save Changes button to be disabled when new rounds were added to Turn Time.
      • Corrected issue where new Encounters were saving duplicates if a new image was saved before saving the Encounter.


      • Added tabs to the Encounter Viewer to help easily see different pieces of the Encounter when needed.
      • Changed it so the NPC search buttons only appear for NPCs that are added to the Encounter Calculator. This should remove confusion about which ones should be added.
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