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      When making a power with Create Object as a feature, what do the numbers represent and what are the limitations? For example Create Object 5 or Create Object 1000. What do the numbers 5 and 1000 represent?

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        Create/Destroy object is built with a number limitation. That number represents both weight and size. So a create object of 5 is something that is 5 or less weight and fits in 1 Space. I will try to clear this up a bit in the description. Plus I want to get an effect listing on the website ASAP so all effects can be looked up and descriptions found for them.

        Create / Destroy – weight and size limit – example
        5 – 5 wt, 1 space – chair
        10 – 10 wt, 2 spaces – door
        25 – 25 wt, 5 spaces – ladder
        50 – 50 wt, 10 spaces – rope or anvil
        100 – 100 wt, 20 spaces – canoe or wood bridge
        250 – 250 wt, 50 spaces – glider or large canvas awning
        500 – 500 wt, 100 spaces – stone barricade or stone walkway
        1000 – 1000 wt, 200 spaces – wagon or stone bridge
        5000 – 5000 wt, 1000 spaces – car or long stone wall

        Objects affected do not offer bonuses. So anything of high quality (grants bonuses like magic items) cannot be created this way or destroyed this way. Living things cannot be created. Complex machinery or gadgets may not be able to be created. No precious or rare materials can be created. Only mundane things can be created/destroyed and final decision is up to the GM. Crafting Skill check may be required if precise placement/measurements/application is required with use of this Power Effect.

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