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      Hey guys at Fyxt, I just wanted to say that I’m interested in learning WHAT this game actually consists of and all of the systems behind it. I’ve signed up for a free version right now, but maybe in time I can convince a few of my friends to come over here and join me as well. Though for now I’ve got a few concerns when it comes to the game/system/website…

      1.) The Website – The website itself (for me at least) is hard to navigate, there’s a lot of information from the first page all the way until the last. I don’t think it flows well enough to be used as a resource to read through all of the content/rules of the game without becoming confusing and convoluted. It’s layout is somewhat poor and I feel like you’d benefit from a face lift of sorts. I’m currently working on and running my own website as well, and though my website is falling prey to many of these same issues my website is a personal project only to be seen by a very small online gaming guild. You’re trying to sell a product.

      2.) Membership Fees – Despite taking the first few steps in creation and reading through a fair number of pages on the website, I still honestly don’t know what I’ve signed up for. Is this an online tabletop role-playing game? All of my information, powers, background and other character resources are attached to my account. Why? What value does having membership provide to the user besides the initial tools for creation? Especially at the god tier. I don’t know how I feel about having to pay a fee in order to get a full set of rules, but lose access to those same rules if I choose to stop paying a monthly fee. Is there a PDF for download with the rules laid out for us who choose to support the game? PDF character sheets? Or is everything integrated into this website? It seems a little too cumbersome, especially if this game is ever going to see play outside of a virtual space.

      3.) Information overload, editing, wording – I have absolutely no basis to comment on the spelling errors or writing styles of others. I’m not a technical writer, but a lot of what I’m seeing on the website should be written in that type of style. I think a lot of the information is easy to read and to understand but that’s only because I have a background in other rpgs and have been gaming for a majority of my life. A lot of the rules sections become somewhat convoluted and difficult to understand. I can see this being especially true for somebody who’s got zero clue as to what an rpg is. Let alone what Fyxt is or is supposed to allow them to do.

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      Fyxt RPG Master

      Thanks for trying out the Fyxt RPG! I really appreciate you taking the time to post your questions and concerns. Let me see if I can answer your questions.

      1.) This seems to be a common concern. With the Kickstarter going we have gotten a ton of great feedback. One on of these is the information overload. This is going to be addressed. I’m working on a few ideas and such to clean up and make the website more user/new player friendly.

      This site was a personal/private website for a couple years. We thought others might like to play Fyxt as well so it had a round of two of improvements. However, hearing from the community I am planning to do a major overhaul to make it easier to use, read, understand, and device friendly. Look for those changes in the coming months.

      2.) This is primarily designed to be a tabletop RPG. The idea is that your characters, NPCs, items, Powers, and all the other rulebooks is in one nice little package. So at the table you have access to everything on one device (laptop/phone/tablet). I personally prefer a tablet when playing a character, a laptop when GMing.

      What is free?
      The entire core Fyxt RPG system, anything and everything a player needs to play the Fyxt RPG. Free members have access to everything they need to play. There should never be a point where you hit a “paywall”.

      Along with the Fyxt RPG core system a free account also gets some storage space to store your Fyxt RPG custom creations. Here is a detailed breakdown:

      In a nutshell a free account can make 1 custom PC, 3 NPCs, 5 Powers, and 10 Items. Only your private, custom creations count towards this limit. This is why you must sign up to play, so the website can store all of this stuff for you and associate it to your account.

      Members can use anything that is already in the Fyxt RPG database. Using things in the database does not count towards the account limits. Right now there are 61 premade characters you can play, 94 NPCs that can be used, 683 items that can be used, and 882 Powers that can be used. All of which are open and free to use for members.

      When a member starts creating their own custom creations is when it starts to count against their account limits.

      If a member reaches their max on something, say NPCs. They can simply delete it or contribute it to the website. Contributed content is removed from your account, opening up space. Also, a great thing with Contributing is that members can earn more space on their account for free! So say you contribute 10 Powers and they are accepted, your account will be granted an additional Power slot. So you can even expand your account without paying anything!

      What a paid membership offers?
      Becoming a premium member will grant your account much more space to create custom content. This would be primary reason to upgrade accounts. Much more storage space for your custom game.

      Premium Fyxt RPG rules are not part of the core gameplay at all. Instead they are a few additional things that can be added to characters to make them more “active”. I use this term as it is what I currently use to gauge extra rules.

      What does “active” mean? Most of Fyxt RPG is auto calculated and ready to be play. So when you are looking at a character those are the stats you have. There are no special exceptions, or weird one off things to worry about. Active things are one extra step a player might want/need to take during game action. One example are Specialty Boosts. These offer a once an encounter boost to damage or healing or something. It adds a little something extra, but has no big or lasting effect on the game.

      This is how it works now, however, with all the feedback I have been getting I may turn some of these premium features into core features. Even if I did them all, it would be less than 5% of the entire of the ruleset. There are not many, but I wanted to offer a little extra to those that are premium members of

      The Fyxt RPG is really a mix of many different styles of gaming, websites, and books all mashed into one. It really is different than a lot of stuff out there so we are still working out the bumps. 🙂

      3.) I think I mostly answered this in #1. Unlike so many other rpgs out there the website will be constantly upgraded and improved.

      Well I hope I cleared this up some. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I am happy to answer and to help! Your comments are very much appreciated and I will strive to improve with every opportunity.

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      I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. On that note, with the Fyxt system is it always assumed that we’re going to have a tablet or another device such as that when we’re playing with the Fyxt system, or is there ever going to be resources that we can use to just play without a device? Maybe a printable book of rules, character sheets or something along those lines. When we play we rarely have laptops or other devices at the table, we keep it as simple as possible.

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      Fyxt RPG Master

      @Ridrith wrote:

      I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. On that note, with the Fyxt system is it always assumed that we’re going to have a tablet or another device such as that when we’re playing with the Fyxt system, or is there ever going to be resources that we can use to just play without a device? Maybe a printable book of rules, character sheets or something along those lines. When we play we rarely have laptops or other devices at the table, we keep it as simple as possible.

      If you like it simple then the Fyxt RPG right be just up your alley. It should only take a few games to learn all the rules. Then after that you won’t need books.

      Yes it is designed for digital devices. There is a pdf/print button on the bottom of character sheets though if you want to print them out.

      That said, the Fyxt RPG rule set is far easier to learn than many other systems. Not long after you begin playing you should have it all down pat. The biggest reason is that in so many other games there are all these little exceptions, addendums, and “my stuff works a little different”. So you end up looking through lots of books or whatever to figure out this little rule nuance or exceptions. But in Fyxt everyone uses the same rules, so there are not different circumstances to adjudicate between two players. Players and GMs alike follow the same rules and there are no exceptions.

      I know it sounds a sounds a little weird. When you are just starting it might be a good idea to have a laptop or computer handy to double check rules. But after a little while you will know it all. Then all you will need to do is pop on your phone or tablet periodically to check a stat or something. The rest of your time will be spent playing the game. It’s hard to explain but it really is liberating!

      I am working on a GM screen that I plan to make printable. More of a cheat sheet to the few obscure rules that are not used often, such as Environmental Effects. I will also look into something that players could use as guide to get starter. At least long enough to learn them.

      Some concepts in the Fyxt RPG are pretty straight forward, such as Hit Points. Are there concepts that are a little more confusing like perhaps Character Tier? Please let me know and I can put those on the top of the list to be on a cheat sheet of some kind.

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