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      Quick heads up. I have NOT abandoned Fyxt. Far from it! I have spent the last several months working on refactoring the code to make things faster and better. This is almost done. I am in the final stages of testing on my test server and hope to make the change soon. Hopefully all goes well.

      What does this mean? It means I have done A LOT of work under the hood. You should not see too many changes on your side besides lots of bug fixes and small tweaks here and there. 95% of the work has been on the backend.

      Why did I do it? Well, I started programing/designing Fyxt almost 10 years ago. It is much bigger then I though it was going to be and I want it to do even more. I am a much better programmer now and wanted to make things better, more agile, as well as making the system better to handle enhancements and expansions. The main thing that drove this, a set of GM tools I have also been working on!

      If all goes well I will get the code overhaul published shortly. (Hopefully a week or two.) Once that is out there I will announce it then try to get as many people as I can to test it. While the testing is going on I will finish the first set of GM tools. These will only be initially available to Fyxt RPG Gods as it will be in the alpha stage of release. Then we can get testing and bug fixing on those.

      Once I do a good feature/bug fix pass then I will open the GM tools up to everyone! I am super excited about these tools, the code refactor, and the future of Fyxt. It is so fun and has worked out amazingly to play whatever we want to play. I hope you feel the same.

      Thank you all for your patience!

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