Printable Battle Mat

fyxt-rpg-random-monster-minis-marchingHere is a printable battle mat for the Fyxt RPG. This will work great if your group really wants to have a visual representation of your combat but do not have an official gaming battle mat.

The Fyxt RPG can easily be played without the use of a battle mat. The GM and players just need to be detailed with their descriptions of the situation. Then consider range and distance by Spaces directly or translate them into steps. It’s as easy as that!

Fyxt RPG 8x10 Printable Battle Mat
High resolution image of this printable battle map. Just print it out and play!

However, with years of RPG gaming experience it is so much nicer to use a battle mat and miniatures to represent the situation that the party is in. There are far fewer misunderstandings and confusion that arise when players of the Fyxt RPG can just look to see what the layout of the combat is on the battle mat.

It is for this reason we have created this simple printable battle mat for use with the Fyxt RPG. This is just one of the tools we have made to make playing the Fyxt RPG easier for everyone.

Write On The Printable Battle Mat

Once these are printed out players can just write directly on the battle mat whatever they need to for the game. The more detail the better as this paints a clearer picture of the surroundings and the situation.

This also works great when players get houses or other areas that they frequent. One idea is to create a standard “camping” template. Then GM’s can just use those whenever the party camps for the night.

Laminate The Printable Battle Mat

A more eco friendly way to use them would be to laminate a dozen or so of these printable battle mats. Then use wet erase markers to write on them just as you would a regular battle mat. This way you can reuse them over and over again.

These Vis-A-Vis Wet Erase Markers work really well for laminated and regular battle mats. However, be careful because the red and blue can stain a vinle battle mat if left on.

All of these work well on laminated printable battle mats.

PDF Version of the Printable Battle Mat

Adobe PDF of the Fyxt RPG Printable Battle Mat

Here is a PDF version of this printable battle mat in case this is your prefered format. There are crop marks on this version so you can easily trim the printable battle mats so that they can be placed side by side to create as big of a Battle Time area as you want!

Here is an example of a 24×20 Space combat area using these printable battle mats.

Fyxt RPG 6 8x10 Battle Mats Combined
Here these printable battle mats are laid out in 2 rows of 3 columns for a larger area to work with.

Thanks for playing the Fyxt RPG and we hope that you are able to put this printable battle mat to good use with your gaming group!


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