New Additions Update 2015-9-7

Free Lifelong Premium Accounts for Beta Test GroupsSorry this is a bit late. With all of the gaming conventions going on I have not had the chance to get much new stuff created. So this month’s updates are a bit light. There was a good set of characters and items that were added. Browse through if you get the chance. More to come as I get time to create it!


  • New Player Characters added!
  • New Non-Player Characters added!
  • New Powers added!
  • New Items added!
  • New RPG Motivational Posters added!
  • New RPG Meme’s Now over 100 awesome RPG memes!


  • Corrected background on Edit Character Items page when character does not have any items.
  • Many mobile optimizations.
  • Fixed text for Characters Left in the RP Notes section of the Edit Character Roleplay page.
  • Bug where if too many characters were entered into the RP Note Descriptions they would not get added to the database at all. Now a warning window will ask to correct the entry.


  • Added short delay to tooltips. This should help solve the issue of too many of them popping up as you scroll across and area.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please post them on our forums.

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