New Additions Update 2015-03-04 – Item Template

Fyxt RPG New Additions Update 2015-03-04 - Item TemplateIn this update the big addition is the Item Templates! These are just like the Power Template. Item Templates are used so you do not have to create items from scratch. Instead, just add the item with the Item Effects that you want to your character. Then, from your character’s Edit Equipment and Mods page you can change the Name and Description to whatever you want.

Fyxt RPG Item Template Example Use

Attack Item Template

This is a template item which grants a Bonus to Attack. Add this to your character and change the Name and Description. This can be done in the Edit RP section on the Edit Character Items & Gear Page.

Availability: Uncommon | Item Type: Basic | Category: Weapon | Genre: Stone Age
Required Level: 5th | Weight: 1 | Cost: 10,000
I Attack +4


Jagged Longsword of Attack +4

This intimidating dark metal longsword has a nasty looking jagged blade. The irregular pattern of the blades edge helps it to find the gaps in an enemy’s Defenses.

Availability: Uncommon | Item Type: Basic | Category: Weapon | Genre: Medieval
Required Level: 5th | Weight: 1 | Cost: 10,000
I Attack +4


Tactical Positioning HUD

These stylish wraparound sunglasses are much more that they appear. Hidden within is a link to the cloud which uses its lightning fast speed to offer you advantages in battle. Sending all of the information to the tactical program in the cloud these glasses display tactical battle information for the wearer. This gives them a great advantage in combat allowing them to be more effective in a fight.

Availability: Uncommon | Item Type: Basic | Category: Jewelry | Genre: Future
Required Level: 5th | Weight: 1 | Cost: 10,000
I Attack +4

These are just a couple examples. The possibilities are literally endless. In the Fyxt RPG it doesn’t matter what the item is, it matters what it does. What the item is, is simply roleplay. What it does is the mechanics that affect the character stats.

Steps to add the Item Templates to a Character

  • Go to the Fyxt RPG Items and Gear Search Page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Character you would like to add items to.
  • The page should reload and set the Level and Cash Limit to the search.
    1. Add any other fields you wish to search by. Click Find Fyxt RPG Items if you change any fields.
  • Find the item you want to add to your character.
    1. Click the + to add it without spending cash.
    2. Click the Money with the – to gain item by spending the character’s cash.
  • Next go to the character’s Character Sheet and click Items Tab, then Edit Character Items.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Equipment and Mods page for the character.
  • Click on the Edit RP tab.
  • Select the item that you want to edit on the Select Item drop down list.
  • Edit the name, description or anything else for this item.

This should really help out players easily add items to their characters. It will also free up their custom item Account Space so that members can use those for their truly customized awesome Fyxt RPG Items.

Release Notes


  • Added more RPG Motivation Posters.
  • Attack Item Templates – Added +1 to +10 Attack Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Damage Item Templates – Added +1 to +55 Damage Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Hit Point Item Templates – Added +1 to +105 Hit Point Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Defense Item Templates – Added +1 to +10 Defense Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Healing Item Templates – Added +1 to +55 Healing Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Recovery Item Templates – Added +1 to +40 Recovery Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Resistant Item Templates – Added +1 to +40 Resistance Bonus items to use on characters.
  • Speed Item Templates – Added +1 to +10 Speed Bonus items to use on characters.


  • Corrections to links in character edit page messages when the wrong character is selected.
  • Server code optimizations.
  • Number of Healing Boost Times per Encounter has been corrected. It was showing amount of boost instead of number of times useable.
  • Some characters could not see their Tertiary Power List that was calculated. This has been corrected.

Please let me know on the Fyxt RPG forums if you have any questions or concerns regarding this update.

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I am the designer, developer, and GM for what has become the Fyxt RPG system. With the awesome help of my RPG group we have spent the last several years taking an idea and forging into an awesome roleplaying game. You can play the Fyxt RPG for free so why not give it a try?

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