Fyxt RPG Update – Item Tracking Cash Ledger

The Cash Ledger is here. This is a huge update for player convenience! I have added cash and item tracking to the Fyxt RPG. What does this mean? It means that the Fyxt RPG now automatically logs all your activity when you buy, sell, and upgrade items. It will also track when you delete items. All of this is done inside the Character Ledger now on the Cash Tab of your character sheet within the Edit Items and Gear section. (Character Sheet > Items Tab > Edit Character Items > Cash Tab)Fyxt RPG Update – Item Tracking Cash Ledger

Here you will find the Update Cash section. This is very useful for quickly adding money you get during the game. Or it can be used as a note to say you spent money on dinner for everyone.

Next is the Starting Cash section. If you make a new character above 1st level or need to reset your character’s Cash, use this section. There is a drop-down box where you can easily set the default starting Cash.

Lastly and most importantly is the Character Ledger at the bottom of the page. This will keep all of the notes for each transaction for the character. Most transactions will be automatically added to the ledger. Everything you buy, sell, remove, craft, and use will be added. This should really help improve the tracking of what, when, and how much the character uses and receives.

Important Note for Existing Characters

If your character was active prior to the change keep the Starting Cash set to what it was. That was the old way to keep track of Cash. But the Ledger will use it as a starting point figuring out your Cash.

 A note has been placed in your Character Ledger as a reminder. This can also be used to “reset” your character to the point which the Character Ledger was introduced.

New characters should use the regular Starting Cash and track all character cash transactions through the Cash Ledger.

I hope you find this change as useful as I do. I have been waiting a long time to roll this out. I am very excited that it is here!

As always please bug report any issues or questions you have. The item system is Fyxt is very versatile which is awesome for play, but tough to QA. So let me know what you think!

Release Notes Item Tracking Character Ledger


  • Character Cash Ledger and Item Tracking!
  • Quickly update your characters Cash with the new Update Cash tool. Great for adding loot from encounter, money spent bribing an official, or lost at a game of dice!
  • Added Item Tracking on Item Generator to aid in upgrading and modifying items.
  • When modifying existing items, a new section will appear with the “original” Effects, Specialties, and Powers on it. This should help when modifying complicated items.
  • Added Button to add Failed Crafting note to Character Cash Ledger.
  • Added Button to add Fumbled Crafting note to Character Cash Ledger.
  • Added Critical Success crafting to Custom Item Generator. Be sure to select this under the Buy field prior to creation to get the discount and have it added properly to your character.
  • Added Crafting discount calculations to Custom Item Generator. Rejoice crafters! Be sure to select this under the Buy field prior to creation to get the discount and have it added properly to your character.
  • Item Generator will now automatically update Character Cash Ledger with item modifications and creations. This way you can see exactly what the item was, and what you turned it into.
  • Separated overall value of the item from the transaction.
  • When upgrading or changing an item the transaction will be automatically added to the Character Ledger. Pay only for the difference in value.
  • New Messages and Character Errors added to help manage PC wealth.
  • New Powers
  • New PCs added.
  • New NPCs added.
  • New Items
  • New RPG memes
  • New RPG Motivational Posters


  • Fixed Specialties that enhance Boosts. Corrected this so that items can have Specialties before a character might get them.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes a blank item value on the Item Search page resulted in no results.
  • Tons of fixes associated with character Cash, Wealth, and Assets.


  • Cleaned up item modification buttons and added icons.
  • Changed the way multiple character items are handled. (Removed Quantity for item generator/editor) This will be streamlined in a future update.
  • Removed ability to Contribute PC from Character Level Edit page. This bypassed the Contribution checks. Now use the Custom PC page to Contribute PCs.
  • Changed the Character Wealth to a more even progression through levels.
  • Narrowed the “Poor” and “Rich” thresholds for characters. (+/- 20%)
  • NPC Treasure has been changed to be in line with the new Character Cash standards.
  • Character Wealth section standardized. Now find the same helpful Character Wealth section on all the pages you want it! (Character Sheet, Edit Items and Gear, Item Search, Item Generator)
  • Simple PC and NPC character Cash formulas removed. This was to address some Wealth gap issues.
  • PC wealth is automatically assigned on creation. See the new PC Wealth information here: https://fyxtrpg.com/character-rewards-experience-treasure/ Down near the bottom of the page is the Character Cash Table.
  • NPC wealth is automatically created and assigned upon creation. This should only rarely be modified.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Discuss this on our forums: https://fyxtrpg.com/rpg-forums/topic/1-16-2018-new-fyxt-rpg-update-item-tracking-cash-ledger/


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