Player Perspective Video Series

Fyxt RPG Player Perspective Video SeriesThe Player Perspective video series explores players’ opinions on the different aspects of the Fyxt RPG system, offering their perspectives regarding the Fyxt RPG from “the other side of the screen”. They discuss the advantages to playing the Fyxt RPG. Find out from people who have played the Fyxt RPG why it is now their favorite role play gaming system!

Player Perspective Video Series

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Player Perspective: Character Traits

In this Player Perspective video the players talk about Traits. They discuss how the three Traits in the Fyxt RPG (Body, Mind, Spirit) work. They discuss the ease of using these Traits as a character base to create any character a player can imagine.

Player Perspective: Character Archetype

In this Player Perspective video the players discuss choosing a good Archetype for characters. The Fyxt RPG uses a broad Archetype to allow players to create the character they want!

Player Perspective: Character Skills

In this Player Perspective video the players talk about Character Skills. Character Skills cover most non-combat role play situations. Discover what the players think of the short list of skills in the Fyxt RPG and how they cover everything a player might want to do, and are intuitive enough to determine from the inception of a character.

Player Perspective: Character Powers

In this Player Perspective video the players talk about Character Powers. Character Powers are a character’s spells, abilities, and actions. Powers in the Fyxt RPG are incredibly diverse and are chosen or built a la carte. This allows players the freedom to create whatever they can dream up. The players excitedly discuss the vast possibilities of Character Powers in the Fyxt RPG.

Player Perspective: Character Specialties

In this Player Perspective video the players discuss Character Specialties. Character Specialties focus character strengths into specific areas. Learn how the players of the Fyxt RPG use Character Specialties to sharpen their character concepts into exactly what they want to play.

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