NPC Encounter Calculator

NPC Encounter CalculatorNPC Encounter Calculator is built for the Game Master. This tool is able to calculate the types of encounters the GM wants to have in their game. Just set the options for level, group size, and the difficulty in the NPC Encounter Calculator. Then the NPC Encounter Calculator will produce an encounter budget for the GM. The GM can then select the number of NPCs that they want for the encounter.

Instructions for NPC Encounter Calculator

Set the Party Level

Select the average player character level in the party that this encounter is designed for. If playing standard Fyxt RPG rules all player characters should be the same level.

Set the Number of Player Characters in the Party

Select the number of Player Characters that are in the party that this encounter is designed for.

Set the Difficulty of the Encounter

Use the slider on the NPC Encounter Calculator to adjust the encounter difficulty. Adjust the slider to the left to make it an easier encounter. Or adjust the slider to the right to make it a more difficult encounter. To the left of the slider is the exact difficulty number of the encounter. The easiest encounters have a difficulty of 1. The hardest encounters have a difficulty of 50.

If the slider is not set to a certain difficulty some NPCs may not be available . (Champion or Boss)

Choose the Amount of Each NPC Type

Increase or decrease the amount of each type of NPC to include in the encounter. Note that as the NPCs gain in strength they cost more for the encounter.

Minion is weaker than Grunt which is weaker than Specialist which is weaker than Champion which is weaker than an Epic Boss.

  • Minions = Cost of 2
  • Grunts = Cost of 5
  • Specialists = Cost of 10
  • Champions = Cost of 25
  • Epic Boss = Cost of 50

2 Grunts have the same value as 1 Specialist. 5 Grunts have the same value as 1 Champion. This represents the relative challenge of each type of NPC in the Fyxt RPG. By adjusting the numbers of each NPC up or down GMs can have a “difficult” encounter with either few NPCs or with many.

The Spent number and the message to the right should be watched by the GM to help adjust the encounter on the NPC Encounter Calculator.

NPC Encounter Calculator
Select the Encounter Details
PC Group Level  
PC Group Size Trivial < - > Easy < - > Medium < - > Difficult < - > Deadly
Encounter Difficulty
NPC Type Minion Grunt Specialist Champion Epic Boss
NPC Cost
Select the Number of Each NPC Type
Design your encounter by
changing the amount of NPCs   Budget: Spent:

Once the GM has set the type and quantity of the NPC Encounter Calculator, then use the Character Search Tool to find the perfect NPCs to fill these roles.

You can also use the NPC Creation Wizard to create custom NPCs of your own to match what the NPC Encounter Calculator has in it.