Fyxt RPG Gameplay Video – 4 Encounters 1 Hour

Here is a Fyxt RPG Gameplay video where we go through 4 encounters in 1 hour with 8 people playing! This shows RPG veteran and new players alike just how fast, fun, flexible and easy the Fyxt RPG is play. It also illustrates that you do not need to reserve a whole day away just to play a tabletop RPG. You can play through a story in just an hour or two. Even if you have a big group!

In this Fyxt RPG gameplay video the players, all 7 of them, are starting with a roleplay encounter (Real Time) to get their bearings. Next they will use a skill encounter (Turn Time) to try to find their enemies. Then they will use another skill encounter (Turn Time) to trick their enemies. Finally, they will go into a full blown combat encounter (Battle Time) and fight their enemies. This is all accomplished in one hour!

Not only can you watch the fast and fluid gameplay, we have also added a lot of tips and visual aids. This helps to see what the players are doing. What their characters look like as far  as stats and bonuses. What the monsters or NPCs stats look like. What rules they are using and what their dice rolls actually are. This should really help both experienced and new players of RPGs to see just how easy it is to play as well as run a Fyxt RPG game session.

There are a few edits but these are not editing out any gameplay. They edit out a couple interruptions we had during filming the game. No actual gameplay was removed.

Fyxt RPG Gameplay Video

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