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The View Encounter page is just that, where the details of a single Encounter are displayed. Use this page to view the Encounter during a game. Don’t use the Encounter Generator because you may inadvertently change something.

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Encounter Basics
Finding Work
The PCs are in the common room of a local establishment with little to no money to their names. They are trying to keep an ear out for anyone that needs done. They are going to go hungry soon if they don't get any work.
Real Time
Encounter Details
What you need to know to prepare the PCs for this encounter.

This is one of the most basic role playing setups there is. A group friends or acquaintances sitting in a local establishment looking for paid work. 

The Hook

As GM, read the following paragraph.

You all sit in the common room of an inn enjoying a warm meal. You know your cash is getting low and wonder just how long you will be eating warm meals with no work lined up. You shake the depressing thoughts from your head and try not to think about it. For now, you want to enjoy the tasty meal.

You all hear someone near the front of the common room speaking loudly. This person seems to be asking patrons if they are for hire.

Now ask the players for their character’s Passive Perception scores. Passive Perception is their Perception skill plus 10. (Tip: Hold your mouse over a Skill Score for a helpful popup Passive Skill Number) Tell players with a Passive Perception Skill of 15 or higher the following:

The man who is asking around is a stout balding man who is wearing some nice fine silk clothes. You guess he is likely a prosperous merchant.

At this point the GM and PCs act out the actions of their characters. Do they just keep eating? Do they approach the stranger? Do they inquire about the job? If they do not pursue this story hook, remind them as GM that they are almost out of money and good job opportunities do not come up often. This is just the opportunity they could use to earn some money.

Jacob the Merchant for the Fyxt RPG Instant Play QuestThe GM now plays Jacob, the big city merchant. Jacob has a cartload of precious porcelain that he wants to take north to the big city to sell. However, he has heard rumors that the next leg of the journey is dangerous and wishes to hire a few guards. Jacob only wants to pay each guard 20 gold pieces for the 2 day journey but is willing to pay up to 100. He doesn’t say this out loud though. He starts out offering them 20 gold pieces.

Encounter Tactics
Tactics the NPCs might use during this encounter.
The tactics for this Encounter are straight up and there is no ulterior motives. Jacob simply needs guards to help him out. He wants to hire them for as cheap as possible but will pay a decent wage for good and able guards. He is definitely interested in the PCs as they appear to be the type of people he is looking for though doesn't want to show his eagerness in hopes of hiring them at a good price.
Real Time Encounters Have No Direct Additional Content
Their may be some NPCs involved.
Their may be a maps or really any other extra accesory to embellish this encounter.
See Setup and Details for information.
Encounter Conclusion
What happens after the Encounter if the PCs win? What if they lose?
If the PCs accept this amount, a deal is struck. He says he will meet them tomorrow morning in the inn. If not, then move the interaction to Turn Time to use character Skills and rolls to \"force\" a resolution this initial hook.

Encounter Image Assets
Images to Enhance the Encounter
Encounter Images can be a wide range of things from a map, terrian picture, image of a clue or item, or maybe a puzzle. Use these to enhance your Encounter and add depth and flavor to your games.
Here is a typical tavern the party might find themselves in.

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