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The View Encounter page is just that, where the details of a single Encounter are displayed. Use this page to view the Encounter during a game. Don’t use the Encounter Generator because you may inadvertently change something.

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Encounter Basics
Break Into an Area
Use this Turn Time Encounter to walk your players through a short Encounter to sneak into an area they are not supposed to be in. Have the players really look at the situation and role play their characters strengths and weaknesses.
Turn Time
Encounter Details
What you need to know to prepare the PCs for this encounter.

This Encounter can be used in a wide variety of situations. It is a simple 3 rounds Turn Time Encounter to get into someplace they are not supposed to be. This is meant to get all of the players thinking about each of their individual Skills and what they are comfortable with doing with their characters. 

This Encounter can easily be modified to fit a large number of situations. Feel free to just change some of the details and the Skill Checks can remain the same. 

The basic idea is that the PCs need to get into an area they are not welcome. They will need to navigate past some guards and/or security systems as well get past some kind of physical barrier like a locked door or gate. 

The first part of setting this up is getting the group to need to go to an area they are not allowed to. Then, talk them through a careful approach to do a little surveillance. Next, make their way past the barriers and into the forbidden area unnoticed. 

Really describe the situation and role play this out. Turn Time Encounters are so much more fun when players are really getting into the situation and not just rolling a bunch of checks. 

Encounter Tactics
Tactics the NPCs might use during this encounter.
Tactics for this Encounter is that the PCs need to be cautious and careful. Reckless behavior here is bound to get them noticed. Don't outright fail a PC if they are not being careful. Instead add negative modifiers to their Skill Checks. A little bit of carelessness might garner a Character Tier penalty to their check. A lot should be two times their Character Tier penalty. This will quickly get the failed rolls they deserve for being reckless.
Turn Time Round 1
Pick Correct Path
Goal: The PC tries to choose the proper direction to escape when it isn't clear.
Important Details: The PC's should observe the area at a distance to find the best way through.
Easy ( 18 )
Skill 1
Skill 2
Turn Time Round 2
Sneak By Guards
Goal: The PC tries to sneak past some guards or creatures.
Important Details: Once the path is spotted they can each try to make their way through avoiding the obstacles they spotted the previous round.
Moderate ( 28 )
Skill 1
Skill 2
Turn Time Round 3
Disable Device
Goal: The PC tries to disable machinery. If it is a trap, use the trap rules.
Important Details: Finally past the guards some quiet and quick work will be needed to get past the locked final obstacle.
Moderate ( 28 )
Skill 1
Skill 2
Encounter Conclusion
What happens after the Encounter if the PCs win? What if they lose?
If they are successful then the PCs make it through successfully. Grant them a + Tier to Attack or Skills due to the confidence they gained from the win. Choose which one fits depending on the next upcoming Encounter. If they fail then they are spotted by the guards. They have a -Tier penalty to Defenses for the upcoming fight with the guards due to their failure.

Encounter Image Assets
Images to Enhance the Encounter
Encounter Images can be a wide range of things from a map, terrian picture, image of a clue or item, or maybe a puzzle. Use these to enhance your Encounter and add depth and flavor to your games.
Forest Castle
This looks like an excellent place to break into! This is just an example though, this Encounter can be used in a large number of situations.

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