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Encounter Basics
Giant Cuttlefish Attack
The PC are attacked by Giant Cuttlefish! This group of Giant Cuttlefish is quite smart and has gotten so bold that they now swim around looking for prey. They have perfected some techniques that snatch sailors right out of their boats! This Encounter is considered Deadly because of the very real chance PCs might drown.
Battle Time
Encounter Details
What you need to know to prepare the PCs for this encounter.


This encounter is really a good one to have just about anywhere on the ocean. It is best used against PCs that are in small or medium sized boats, though you could explain that they crawl up the side. 

One major component of this Encounter that if successful the Giant Cuttlefish will pull the PCs down deep into the water. For complete rules see:

Athletics (or Nature) can be used to move in Movement styles that are not natural to the player such as swimming or climbing (Solid Object). The Speed at which the player can move is equivalent to an Athletics Skill check divided by 5. One check is required per turn when moving in a Movement style different to the player’s own.

Another aspect of this is that the PC's cannot breath and are not used to this environment. With that in mind they will start with a Minor Environmental Penalty as soon as they are submerged in the water. For detailed rules see this page:

Minor Environmental Effects: Character Tier Penalty to d20 Rolls. Players will receive a penalty to d20 rolls equivalent to their Character Tier. This affects Attack Rolls, Skill Checks, and Combat Maneuvers.

After their Character Tier underwater they will advance to the next stage, Major Environmental Effects. Panic starts to set in, they are running out of breath, and hope is fading. 

  • Character Tier x 2 Penalty to d20 Rolls. Players will receive a penalty to d20 rolls equivalent to their Character Tier times two. This affects Attack Rolls, Skill Checks, and Combat Maneuvers.
  • Character Speed is reduced by 2.

If they are still in the water as another Character Tier of rounds pass, then they begin to drown and are then considered to be in a Deadly Environmental Effect.

  • Character Tier x 5 Penalty to d20 Rolls. Players will receive a penalty to d20 rolls equivalent to their Character Tier times five. This affects Attack Rolls, Skill Checks, and Combat Maneuvers.
  • Character Speed is reduced by Character Tier.
  • The character will take 25% of their total maximum Hit Points every round they are exposed to the Deadly Environment.

This Encounter is considered Deadly because there is a very real chance the PC's might drown. They may be pulled two far under. They may fail to swim. Or they just might not be able to tackle the mobs while they are working on swimming and breathing. GM considerations should be taken here to help nudge the PCs in the right direction should they not make great choices or get too flustered. A few things a GM could do if the group is struggling with the Encounter.

  • Limit the use of the Power that drags the PCs down. 
  • Suggest the PCs stay closer together to be able to swim to each other and help. 
  • Recognize that good swimmers might need to spend time helping other get back to the surface instead of fighting. 
  • Have the NPCs move PCs more erratically then straight down. This would give them less they need to swim up to surface.

When GMing this Encounter it is a good idea to have 2 areas set up to tackle the three dimensional nature of this Encounter. The best use would be to start the PCs off near the top edge of the battle map. Give them maybe 8 or 10 spaces from the top edge of their boat. Then draw a line 6 or 8 spaces below their boat. This gives them roughly 20 spaces or so to work in in the X/Y plane. 

When they are pulled down, mark the spot on the top X/Y plane. Then move their mini/token to one below the bottom line. There should be lots of room now to drag the PCs on the Z axis (being pulled down into the deep). 

The idea is that you knock the PCs off the top part of the map, they can swim around some around the boat but as soon as they start being pulled down, you can accurately track that as well. 

The cuttlefish will only pull the PCs down, not in any other direction. The PCs however should be allowed to move on to other players on the Z if they want to swim over to help their friends. The cuttlefish can move around as well, but when pulling them down should just be straight down. They will use their Power every other round to drag PCs down if allowed to. 

Above all this is supposed to be a scary, but fun encounter. It is not meant to wipe out a party but it could if the GM pushes or the PC do stupid things. As always it is up to the individual game just try to keep things fun even if they do get scary!

Encounter Tactics
Tactics the NPCs might use during this encounter.
The main tactic of this group of Giant Cuttlefish is to blast the PCs off of their boat and send them into the water. Half of the Cuttlefish do the blasting while the other half wait on the other side of the boat to catch PCs when they fall in. Then those waiting will use their Power to move/drag the PCs down deep where they can take lots of bits out of them. They will keep dragging them down. This is the second insidiously challenging part of the encounter, to escape the deep!
4 :
Giant Cuttlefish
Level 14 NPC Specialist who is a Devoted Aggressor Combatant
Giant Cuttlefish prefers to battle targets one on one up close.
This PC's Primary Discipline is Offensive Combatant. Secondary Discipline is .
Hit Points
This giant cuttlefish is very similar to it's smaller cousin but is far more aggressive and some think smarter. They tent to travel in groups and seem to use complicated and coordinated tactics when attacking prey. These giant cuttlefish do not hesitate to attack divers or even snatch people off of boats. With their amazing stealth and camouflage few creatures every see them coming.
Encounter Conclusion
What happens after the Encounter if the PCs win? What if they lose?
Giant Cuttlefish do not have any treasure of their own except for what you might find in their stomach. However, their body parts are sought after for a wide variety of reasons. Almost every part of one is valuable if you know what you can sell. An easy Nature, Scholar, or Religion check and the PCs can get a handsome some for them should they survive. Total NPC Treasure is (80,760) which comes to (20,190) per player.

Encounter Image Assets
Images to Enhance the Encounter
Encounter Images can be a wide range of things from a map, terrian picture, image of a clue or item, or maybe a puzzle. Use these to enhance your Encounter and add depth and flavor to your games.
Cover Image
The NPCs looking up at their dinner plate.
Open Ocean Battle Map
Use this image for a battle map if you need something for the open ocean. However, this Encounter can be in almost any place with water. Be creative and have fun with it!

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