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Encounter Basics
Alligator Pit Fight
The PCs fall into a pit full of hungry alligators. The way they got there might be different, but whatever the reason, they need to be on their best game or they are going to be dinner!
Battle Time
Encounter Details
What you need to know to prepare the PCs for this encounter.
The setup for this Encounter is pretty straight forward as this can be used in many different ways. It doesn't need to be used as intended from the original adventure. This is basically just a pit of alligators. How the PCs end up here is up to you!
They can fall into it as part of a trap.
They might be tossed into it by another group or some bad guys.
Perhaps they are just moving through the sewer and run into a large open area full of alligators!
However they get here is up to the GM. The important thing is to use the scary part of this encounter, the water. Alligators in the water have a distinct advantage. They can move around almost undetected. They can splash out torches. They may even pull PCs into deeper parts of the water so they have to swim. This is a great opportunity to use a little different tactics to make a fun and interesting battle.
In game terms the alligators can move around the battlefield with Superior Cover (10x Character Tier) while underwater. This allows them to move around easily and be very difficult to hit if they are not actively fighting someone. If they are actively fighting someone, attacked them during the round, then they do not receive this bonus.
If they use the Combat Maneuver Knock Around they can pull PCs under water or into deeper water. If they move into water that is deeper then 1 Square then they have to swim. This means they can only move 1 Space for each 5 points on an Athletic or Nature Check. This means a roll of 15 can only move 3 spaces. A roll of 14 can only move 2 spaces.
You can read this to them as a bit of flavor to color the Encounter.
You find yourselves in a large open room. Moss and filth cling to the walls. A foul stench of fetid water emanates from the large stagnant pool of water in the center of the room. As you peer at the filth floating in the water it moves and shifts ever so slightly. Was there something moving in the water?
Encounter Tactics
Tactics the NPCs might use during this encounter.
The tactics of the alligators are detailed in the setup and details of the Encounter. The important thing is as GM you should use the water to its fullest. This will be a boring room of boring mobs whacking away boringly unless you have the alligators us the water to its fullest. Then the Encounter will turn into a tense, surprising, and challenging Encounter as the PCs scramble to deal with this not so normal situation.
3 :
Angry Alligator
Level 6 NPC Specialist who is a Focused Aggressor Combatant
Angry Alligator prefers to battle targets one on one up close.
This PC's Primary Discipline is Offensive Combatant. Secondary Discipline is . Tertiary Discipline is .
Hit Points
This is one hungry alligator. It lays in wait wanting its prey to get close. It rarely will charge out to meet anything head on. It prefers to ambush and then drag it's prey into the water so they cannot escape. It's a terrible way to go.
Encounter Conclusion
What happens after the Encounter if the PCs win? What if they lose?
This Encounter might not seem that hard on the surface but it can be a challenging one. If the PCs win and kill the alligators they will earn a total NPC Treasure of (14,010) which comes to (3,503) per player. A large chunk of the value can come from getting quality alligator hides that they can make into other items. If the PCs lose, well then they become the alligators dinner.

Encounter Image Assets
Images to Enhance the Encounter
Encounter Images can be a wide range of things from a map, terrian picture, image of a clue or item, or maybe a puzzle. Use these to enhance your Encounter and add depth and flavor to your games.
Sewer Battle Map
Gators in the Sewer
Just an image to help set the mood.
Battle Map
The top right of this map is a good place to have this battle.

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