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The View Encounter page is just that, where the details of a single Encounter are displayed. Use this page to view the Encounter during a game. Don’t use the Encounter Generator because you may inadvertently change something.

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Encounter Basics
Follow the Map
The PCs come across a crudely drawn map of an area. They need to match up what this map is detailing so they can find the trail that leads to whatever the destination is on the map.
Turn Time
Encounter Details
What you need to know to prepare the PCs for this encounter.

The PCs come across a map and decide to investigate it. It is a crudely drawn map but is of enough quality that they think they can match it to a place and then follow the trail. 

This Encounter is made up of several rounds of the PCs matching the map to a location, following the trail, then discovering and exploring where this map leads. 

This is a great opportunity to push the PCs to role-play and figure out this situation as a group.  This can fit into any number of campaigns and situations and is a good example of a Turn Time Encounter at work. 

Encounter Tactics
Tactics the NPCs might use during this encounter.
The PCs can use a wide range of tactics when dealing with this situation. As long as their characters actions fit into what the goals of each round are. If the PCs are having many early failures you may have them get lost in the forest. Then inject a round of them getting back on track. Or even have a random forest encounter with some beast. If all else fails, whatever is at the end of the trail might find them and bring them to it. Willingly or otherwise...
Turn Time Round 1
Navigate the Wilderness
Goal: The PC tries to find their way through a wilderness area.
Important Details: Using these skills the PCs can locate the general area of the map then use it's details to discover the hidden trail.
Easy ( 7 )
Skill 1
Skill 2
Turn Time Round 2
Discover Details
Goal: Discover details about the area.
Important Details: The PCs use their skills to discover more information about where they are and what they might run into.
Easy ( 7 )
Skill 1
Skill 2
Turn Time Round 3
Sneak Around
Goal: The PCs tries to sneak around the area without being discovered.
Important Details: The PCs use their skills to sneak around an area so they can learn more and be advantageously positioned should anything happen.
Moderate ( 17 )
Skill 1
Skill 2
Encounter Conclusion
What happens after the Encounter if the PCs win? What if they lose?
If the PCs are successful they find their way to the location on the map. If they fail by a lot it is possible they get lost, are discovered, or find the area only to be surprised by what they find giving them penalties to the next Encounter. Seeing how this is a good Encounter to approach a lair, think about granting the PCs + Tier bonus to Attack on success. Perhaps a -Tier bonus to Defenses on a failure.

Encounter Image Assets
Images to Enhance the Encounter
Encounter Images can be a wide range of things from a map, terrian picture, image of a clue or item, or maybe a puzzle. Use these to enhance your Encounter and add depth and flavor to your games.
Forest Trail
Mysterious Cave
The mysterious cave at the end of the forest trail.

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